Perks of Being a Solo Traveler

Okay so, here you are with your backpack by your side wondering where to go next but wait what if he/she (your mate ) doesn’t wanna go there. So now instead of being excited about visiting new places, you start to worry about whether you should be going or not. Believe me, if you travel a lot you must have faced this dilemma and wondered what if you were to travel alone. This is a common issue with travellers and the thing is that we the travellers want to be free and not bound by any rules, but often we have to hold back from exploring things, eating unusual food, sleeping in odd places, meeting strange people and many more things which might sound odd but really are the highlights of any journey.


The solution to all this is just simple, Be a Solo Traveler and never worry about anything other than handy cash and some shady looking dude who’s been following you for probably too long and will mug you the moment you may seem deserted. I was Just kidding, being a Solo Traveler is bliss and there may be downsides to travelling alone but try once and you’d surely be hooked.

Let’s look at some advantages of being a Solo Traveler:

#Follow the road not the map

Don’t worry if you haven’t thought of a plan where to go next as something good will always come up your way. Share the routes taken by some Chinese or Korean group of travellers or just hop inside any random bus and enjoy the ride and hope you reach someplace great. Otherwise, you had a story to tell how you managed to escape those hooligans and why not to board buses going random places on just a whim. Feel the rush of not knowing what would happen next.

#Meet interesting people

Who wants to end up being the loner or the guy nobody talks to? Nobody, right! so when you are a Solo Traveler, you look for people to spend some quality time with. In that search, you end up with people from different backgrounds, cultures, lifestyle, and meet some amazing people and some bizarre ones too but that is what exactly makes it fun. You don’t get a lot of personal space when you are tagging someone along and you just miss
out on meeting some of the most amazing people.

#Enjoy a pinch of freedom

Enjoy exploring those hilly tops and barren caves without anyone bugging you around. Plus you get to spend as much time as you want there. So Sleep, eat or even start a family(please don’t ) because nobody cares and you get to decide what’s best for you.

#Save money (go cheap)

Travelling alone has one major benefit as you don’t need to spend a great deal of money and can always go cheap on things as who really cares. you don’t have a partner to maintain an image for. Eat from the street, live in Dharamshala or share basis and just enjoy the feeling of having those cheap thrills.

#Let loose of your cravings

Those street treats which you would avoid if you’re with a companion is ready to become your go-to snack for some time. Also, you just have to eat what you like and don’t have to adjust to anybody’s whims like no pepper, spicier or less spicy and so on.


Doing all these things like exploring those hidden magical places makes you more connected to can never get to have the kind of knowledge and wisdom provided from these experiences from any book or literature. The person that left home days ago and the new you would be two different people. You kind of There may be a time when it is better to go in groups or with someone else(like honeymoons). But being on your own and exploring your potential to the maximum gives you other kinds of confidence. So ditch that friend, better half, boyfriend or girlfriend for a week and escape into the unknown realm of solo travelling. Adios amigos, till next time. evolve and it helps you  see things differently and make you a better person ultimately.

Parth Shukla
A freelance writer with subtle experience in the domain and a go-getter attitude along with a high drive for entrepreneurial opportunities.

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