Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Review

Tadoba is the name of a tribal chieftain who fought a tiger and established his bravery. He is revered as God and often referred to as Taru. One among many tiger reserves in India notified under the Project Tiger Program Tadoba is the largest in Maharashtra State. It is also a National Park.

Tadoba is home to Bengal Tigers besides many other life forms. It is a conservation unit where breeding of the big cats is taking place. This biodiversity hub is not home alone for tigers as leopards, wild dogs, wolf, hyena, fox and jackals designated as predators also survive here. Also among the carnivores are numerous crocodiles that are found in the water bodies and rivers like Andhari. Common animals are the deer, langur and rhesus monkies and wild boar. The reserve is home to more than two hundred avian species, hence a large number of tourists arrive here on bird watching tours besides the tiger safari.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is an amalgamation of forests of Tadoba and Andhari Reserve Forests hence it has the similar name. The dry deciduous mixed forests are dominated by precious teak trees and bamboo. A large number of floral species make the National Park a diversity hub. The River Andhari is the lifeline of this ecosystem and intersects the park.

In order to see the tigers and other animals and birds in the wild a permit is required. This permit is available at numerous zones created for tourists. The safaris are organized in morning and evenings and a permit is required for each. The excursions take place on open jeeps and no tracking on foot is allowed.


Tigers, leopards, other animals and birds can be seen on excursions in their natural habitats. This is what makes excursions at Tadoba exciting and enjoyable. Since a stay is required for the safari, there are many resorts which offer luxury accommodations. The wildlife resorts provide modern amenities and also help organise the safari and the travels. For permits, you should contact the accommodation you have chosen to stay. The hotels and resorts usually assist in obtaining the safari permits.

How to reach & when is the best time to visit?

The park is open from mid-October to end of June. It can be reached from Airport at Nagpur. It is 150 km drive to Chandrapur Township from Nagpur. From Chandrapur, the accommodations can be reached with ease. You can find more about the details of the timetable of Tadoba Tiger Reserve here.

Tour Packages for Tadoba Tiger Reserve:

If you want to know the best package for this visit you can visit this link for more information.

This article was originally written by Uday Patel.

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