Top 5 Places for Quality Street Shopping in India

Street markets are boon for all those, whose idea of travelling to different places is the reason for shopping and filling up their bags. The idea of shopping under budget is what makes the flea markets famous among us notorious shoppers, You may be a domestic or foreign traveller but every state or city in India has the best places for you to shoppe at. In the era of Shopping malls and online shopping, you may find something unique in these streets that was missing in your lifestyle.

Here is the list of 5 Places to improve your shopping street game in India

Top 5 Shopping Streets in your City


Bangalore is the state capital of Karnataka. Commercial Street is the best place for quality shopping in Bengaluru under the budget in a place stuffed with Shopping malls. Banglore the state capital of Karnataka The street is famous for shopping; footwear, jewellery, electronics. Commercial Street lies in the heart of the city.

It offers the best of fashion without the haphazardness of the street shopping. The market has varieties to offer for the shoppers. You can buy the products at the affordable prices. One should carry cash around ₹2000 – ₹3000 to shop for a bag full of products.


You must be familiar with the name of this street market i.e. Sarojini Market. One of the elite and busiest place, and best place in Delhi for Shopping. Many of the videos on social media have provided a lot of reviews regarding the products and quality available in the market. Well, if you are in Delhi than one must visit this market to buy quality products at the cheapest rate. sarojini nagar delhiAsk any residential people in Delhi regarding Sarojini Market, they will let you know what it means to them. The market is famous for fashionable clothes, bags, and shoes. Shopping from here will definitely land you with the best products at dirt cheap rate. Anyone can carry around ₹1000 – ₹2000.


Street Shopping is the core of Mumbai. and the best place for Street Shopping in Mumbai is located at Colaba Causeway, It is close to the fort area, and to the east of Cuffe Parade. COLABA CAUSEWAYIt is popular among local as well as visitors for shopping of quality products within their budget. It is the hub of fashion. You can keep your wardrobe up to date without breaking your wallet. The market is famous for stylish handbags, oxidised jewelleries, latest and fashionable garments. You can fill your bag with affordable products.  The minimum cash one can carry can be around ₹3000 – ₹4000 to shop for all the varieties.


New Market is a market in Kolkata situated on Lindsay Street. It is the best places to shop if you are in Kolkata. It was earlier known as Hogg Saheber Bazaar. Number of shops and more than 2000 stalls sells everything from clothing to electronicals items at its best prices which cannot be found in the malls or air-conditioned shops within your budget. NEW MARKET KolkataIt is famous for everything may it clothes or jewelleries or eatable items or species, anything you want will be available at a cheap rate. This place is always crowed with the local people. Minimum spending will be around ₹2000 – ₹3000.


Arpora Saturday Night Market is located at a famous place known for the best party and holiday trips, Goa. This market is famous and the most happening market in Goa which opens after  6 P.M. The market is always lit with the beautiful lights and music setups. This makes the market more lively which is just more than a flea market.

The market is famous for fashionable clothes, handicrafts, home decor. It is the must visit place for the shopaholics and the ambiance impress the travellers too! The minimum money to be carried along can be around ₹2000 – ₹4000.

Luring to fill your shopping bags with the best and cheapest material? Then if you visit next to any of these places, do go for shopping at these famous markets. Just travelling isn’t enough, one must bring back home place various souvenirs otherwise your trip lies incomplete!

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