Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Quick Recap!

So the ever so waited series Game of Thrones is back with its premiere season. So the season started with a little flashback of the past seasons. (Spoilers Ahead)

Then the season 8th episode one opened up with John Snow, Daenerys along with their massive army moving towards the Winterfell.

They were also accompanied by Tyrion Lannister and Varys who enjoyed each others company and continued their perpetual jokes on each other on their way back to Winterfell. Then comes the overwhelming moment when the Stark family meets after long, john snow meets his sister Sansa and Arya and brother Bran after long.

Before John left the north he was crowned as the king of the north and he came back with Daenerys by giving her his crown by bending the knee in front of the queen for his people. John snow is indeed a king who stands by his people but coming back to his land with queen Daenerys, John made his countrymen stand against him.

Then started the meeting of the council at the great hall of Winterfell, where it was clearly seen that even if it was said to Daenerys that the Winterfell is your nothing in the council meeting portrayed so. Sansa Stark the lady of the Winterfell still leads the council with all the fingers pointing at John snow as to why he left the Winterfell when they needed their king. All the fingers pointed asked the new queen as to how will he be able to feed this big army along with his dragons. The lady of the Winterfell was curious as to what these dragons feed upon.

Sansa and Danny face off for the very first time

It was a full cold war between queen Daenerys and Sansa Stark with John snow stuck in between the two Iron ladies. John discussed this issue with his little sister Arya stark who favoured her elder sister Sansa quoting her as the wisest person alive. But, Arya is the only person who is not fighting johns girlfriend. There is a wholesome of family drama when the starks meet the queen Daenerys of the house Targaryen.

Heading towards the south there is this another drama going in the empire of Cersei with Euron Greyjoy showcasing his love for Queen Cersei. Euron Greyjoy entered King Landing with his army of Mercenaries and horses which he promised to the queen but fell short of his elephant promise.

Euron being the evil he is didn’t do anything for free, he wanted the queen in return but Cersei being the evilest of all still won the argument by passing the comment. After getting what he wanted from Cersei, he promised her to put a prince inside her. He is an evil dramatic character of the series.

So the game of thrones will never change its basic theme that is the excessive adult scenes with Bronn enjoying with the prostitutes while Cersei wanted him to do something important than that, well the queens order has to be definitely commanded she wanted Bronn to head North to find her brothers and asked him that if they survived the white walkers, to kill them with the same crossbow that killed their father.

Samwell Tarly meeting Jon Snow and telling the truth

So at the end of the episode the best thing what happened when John got know about his real dad and that he was not a bastard but the real deserving king who deserved the iron throne. All this was delivered to john by Sam his best friend, so here the episode ended on a big note. Let’s wait for the next episode to see how the story rolls

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