Top 5 Anime to Watch For Beginners in 2019

The world of anime is so vast that selecting only a few out of them among wouldn’t be justifiable. The anime world is a crazy place with some of the most inspiring characters and breathtaking storyline which you won’t find anywhere in the recent movies. Anime has its own fan base where people of all ages love to watch what happens next to their favorite character. The list can go on but I’ll stop for now. Anime which I have mentioned all belongs to different genres so that you can choose your favorite ones, to begin with. Also, all the anime’s listed are top-rated and have less than 100 episodes. So without further ado, lets jump right into the list.

1. Deathnote

Death Note

Deathnote is the kind of anime which will shake you to the bone with an amazing storyline and mind-boggling strategies which are used during the course of the story. The protagonist Yagami light is an all-rounder high school student. He found a notebook named “Deathnote” which claims to have the power to kill when someone’s name is written upon it. Light at first took it as a joke but eventually tests it and found it to be true and what follows is the story of how he uses death note to become a godlike character.

The antagonist L is one of the most iconic characters in the world of anime and you would be left imitating L’s way of doing things after the show ends. The anime is all about how having immense power destroys one power to be rational. Its a must watch for anybody who likes dark literature and is into detective and thriller stories.

2. CLANNAD: After Story


Clannad belongs to the romantic genre and is considered heart-wrenching and a masterpiece work of art due to its strong and heavily emotional storyline along with strong character background stories. The story revolves around two high school sweethearts Nagisa Furukawa and Okazaki Tomoya while they deal with problems of the real world after their sweet school days are over.

The anime would make you go cry like a baby and at sometimes towards the season end, you may consider leaving the show halfway because it’ll be unbearable to watch due to emotional content. This is a must watch if you and your Bae are both anime fans and are planning to watch something together. Don’t forget to shop for tissue boxes because believe me you’re gonna need them.

3. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a tale of Kaneki Ken, a sweet young boy trapped between two worlds after an incident which turns him into a one-eyed ghoul(Half human half ghoul). The world is divided into humans and ghoul and both species never misses a chance to go after the other plus there are secret societies, special police force, and more similar elements which makes it a must watch.

The show is not for the faint of heart and contains a boatload of violence, blood and character deaths. The anime is that good that You’ll be hooked from the first episode only. It only contains 12 episodes so one can also binge watch it in one night only (I mean if you want to and can).

4. Steins; Gate


There is a mad scientist named Hououin Kyouma (yeah! unpronounceable) who wishes to change the world with his inventions but fails miserably every time. The opening may sound pretty lame and cliche but the real deal starts about 5 episodes into the show after a certain incident where the protagonist accidentally creates a machine which can warp stuff through time.

There are a lot of references taken from the real world into the story such as mysterious time traveler John Titor and IBM 5100 Tragedy which makes the anime much more interesting to watch. If you can’t resist yourself from those watching those sci-fi movies and a fan of suspense and unpredictability, you need to watch this right now.

5. Kuroko no Basket

Kuroko no basketball

Kuroko no basketball is for the sports fanatics who want to get inspired and looking for some motivational content to watch. Kuroko is the phantom sixth player of the most famous high school basketball team in Japan. While being the part of the most elite club nobody recognizes him or yet his existence as he has no aura and is a superb stealth player. He joins an underdog team with a set of hardworking youngsters under their belt when they all get separated for higher studies, unlike his other ex-teammates who all went into the already strong clubs with good records.

He is a shadow player and engages himself with Tyaga Kagami who is a perfect match for him with his aggressive and robust play that shakes even the top-notch players and teams. The duo would definitely make the show a worth watch and it is a perfect blend of comedy, Defining moments, Romance and most of them all its breathtaking matches which gives you more thrill than the real one’s itself.

There is no right time to start something new and if you are wondering what anime is just some kind of cartoons made for kids then you’re dead wrong my friend. Anime is much more than just being Animation, The work that goes into making one anime is too immense to even compare it with some kind of creepy American cartoon. Sometimes there are stories which you would even not get to watch in Hollywood movies, But you are missing a whole bunch of great content just because of it being animated. Moreover, These shows have huge fan base globally and even have their own cosplay competition.

So what are you still doing here? Just go and download all five of them, grab some snacks and be ready to be glued to that screen of yours.

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