Healthy Snack Ideas for Weight Loss

Losing or gaining weight is not just about calories it depends on what we eat how we eat and when we eat. Eating high protein food will boost your metabolism and burn calories. Nowadays people are weight conscious and plan a healthy diet to balance and keep fit and healthy. But what is the right diet plan is a question. Avoiding oily fried food and junk food, keeping a track of our diet at regular intervals is a must.

diet lady
people are weight conscious and plan a healthy diet

People often ask what’s the secret behind being fit. We would say have everything but in a smaller portion and balance it well. for starters have snacks that are high in fibre and low in calories so we can eat without fear of gaining weight. Indian veg food is excellent for weight watchers which include soups salads and even chats. Here is the list of Indian veg snacks which will help you lose weight lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease and more importantly it will keep you healthy.

1. Sprouts – Multi-nutrient snack

Sprouts are nutritional food rich in proteins vitamins iron calcium and potassium.

There are a variety of grain types which you can make sprouts from. Sprouts are available in departmental stores and can be prepared at home by soaking overnight then draining them and keeping them for sprouts to come out.

2. Paneer – Rich Calcium

Paneer is a rich source of calcium and protein and is easily digestible

Paneer can be had raw and can be made as a starter with spice and vegetable and even in gravy. paneer can be clubbed with anything and it tastes yummy.

3. Brown Bread – Low calorie

Brown bread
Brown bread is made with whole wheat grain which is a good source of proteins.

Brown bread is easily available in the market and can be made at home too. This bread can be used in many forms like toast or with honey jam etc. veg mixed with mayonnaise can be stuffed in this bread which is more healthy.

4. Mini Bajra Onion Uttapam

Mini Bajra Onion Uttapam

Try this exotic dish with whole grain bajra and rice with little urad dal. This is a unique recipe with rich iron and low calories. It has a crunchy flavour with crisp texture and onion gives extra flavour and can be had with coconut chutney.

5. Oats and Moong Dal Dahi Vada

Oats and Moong Dal Dahi Vada are low in cholesterol, low in calorie and a high protein snack.

The curd is rich in calcium whereas oats rich in fibre and protein in moong combined together gives a complete meal healthy and rich nutrients. These vadas are steamed instead of deep fry so it’s an added benefit.

6. Bhel Puri – Low-Calorie Chaat

Bhel Puri
Low cal Bhel Puri

This a delicious yummy snack of every Indian. This is basically a nutritious and full of protein and vitamins and tastes amazing which can be had at any time and easy to prepare. its made with puffed rice otherwise called poori. its blended with tamarind chutney and mint chutney and onion tomato carrot peanuts are added and spice can be added as required with lemon flavour rich in calcium.

7. Soups – Rich in Veg

Soups can play a vital role in weight loss.

It needs to have all the necessary ingredients to balance our body from the required nutrients. Soups can be had at any time and can be combined with any veg and grains. and can add flavour accordingly.

8. Chickpea Salad

Chickpea is rich in protein and minerals.

This is a complete snack with nutrients and can be had like sundaes and salads with lots of veg and spice if needed. it can be had in form of chaats and combined with roti and chickpea kabab is a yummy snack.

9. Mini Pizza

Mini Pizza
Mini Pizza

This recipe transforms into a healthy snack by using whole wheat instead of maida base and cheese with low-calorie cheese topped with broccoli and capsicum which give an authentic flavour with pizza sauce and seasoning.

10. Popcorn – Low Calorie

Popcorn is a favourite to all ages from kids to adult

Seeing a movie without popcorn is like food without salt. Popcorn is made by corn called maize grain. it has a number of nutritional value with low cholesterol low calorie rich in iron and vitamins.

11. Khakra – Whole Wheat

Khakra whole wheat
Khakra Whole Wheat

Khakra is a traditional dish of north India. this is made with a whole wheat rich source of protein and a nutritious snack. it can be made and stored for a long time and can be had at any time.

12. Khanda Poha

Khanda Powa
Khanda (onion) poha is a dish from Maharashtra used both for breakfast and snacks.

Poha is made with very little oil and is very light to digest which can be enjoyed by weight watchers. it has a rich source of iron and carbohydrate and fibre.

13. Rava Idli

Rava Idli
Idli is a popular dish in south India and its a favourite worldwide because of its nutritional value and very light on the stomach.

Idli is a popular dish in south India and its a favourite worldwide because of its nutritional value and very light on the stomach. Rava idli is made with sooji and curd combined. seasoned with cashew curry leaves and green chilli. idli is steamed so it’s easily digested and cholesterol free with good nutritional value.

14. Nuts – Rich Protein

Nuts or dry fruits is rich essentials of nutrition and rich in vitamins minerals iron copper magnesium

Can be consumed as snacks and of all ages and its an added benefit for weight watchers. Research indicates that having dry fruits regularly helps fight premature age and good skin and supports a healthy heart and a powerful brain.

15. Fresh Fruits

Fresh Fruits
Fruits are rich in minerals vitamins and easily digestible

Fruits should be had every day. There is a vast range of fruits and seasonal fruits which helps weight watchers. fruits can be had anytime. fruits are high in water content and less in calorie so it can keep us hydrated throughout the day.

Try these weight watchers snacks and lose weight and feel better and healthy lifestyle. Exercise is equally important for weight watchers and for all humans of all ages. Keep a balance of both diet and workout for a healthy living and healthy mind for the betterment of life. Stay healthy and stay fit and enjoy life.

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