7 Protein Rich Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss

Losing weight and staying fit has been a mantra among people these days. Everyone wants to have a fit body. That is the reason they decide to hit the gym and plan on eating healthy food. Even though exercises help in losing weight, the real fact is that “You are what you eat”. When fitness and Weight Loss is in your mind, there is no room for eating unhealthy and junk food. However, there are days when we normally tend to think about junk food and binge on unhealthy stuff which would definitely cost us a lot in terms of maintaining a healthy body.

However, to make your weight loss journey an exciting one, how about eating healthy yet tasty snacks? The snack ideas mentioned below are the best as they can be made quickly and are filled with various nutrients, because of the low calories in it, you can be certainly relaxed and enjoy your journey towards weight loss. Here are some lip-smacking breakfast ideas for the people who want to achieve Weight Loss.

1. Tasty Corn Snack

boiled Corn

Corn can be consumed in roasted or steamed and even in grilled form. Corn is the best source for instant energy. It contains a good amount of fiber as well as is extremely beneficial for your digestive system. Apart from this, it contains a good amount of phosphorous, manganese, magnesium, zinc, selenium, iron and copper.

Steamed corn tastes delicious and can be turned into an instant snack. All you need to do is to steam the corn to perfection. Once it is steamed well, you can add spices of your choice but don’t forget to add salt. You can use a chilly powder with lime and some salt, pepper powder with some butter, salt or lime or just salt and butter. You can add your desired spices and turn this into an enjoyable snack.

2. Foxnut

Fox nut

Foxnut is a powerhouse of potassium and it also helps in regulating the blood pressure in the body. If you want to lose weight, but can’t control your hunger, foxnut is something that you should include in your diet. You can roast the foxnut in a little ghee and can later on go ahead and add the spices or herbs of your choice to make a delicious snack. 100 grams of foxnut has about 20 grams of protein which is quite a great option for the gym freaks.

3. Roasted Potatoes

Roasted Potatoes

There are days when you want to dive into junk food and one of the common snacks that come to our mind is French fries. However, the fries are too oily and unhealthy if your only goal is to lose some weight. Here is one version of a potato snack which tastes awesome and can satisfy your craving for French fries. All you need to do is to thinly slice some potatoes and add spices like chilly powder, cumin powder, asafetida, and salt. Later on, mix in some cornflour and coat it well with semolina. Thereafter these can be transferred to a heated pan by roasting it in very little oil. Tastes undeniably delicious! You can also have this along with your meal.

4. Peanut Bars

Peanut bars

Peanuts are essentially high in protein and are a favourite among the weight watchers. 100 grams of peanuts normally has 26 grams of protein which is absolutely great. Peanut bars are easily available in the market these days. However, making them on your own gives you immense satisfaction. Peanut bars made with jaggery tastes wonderful. All you need to do is heat the jaggery and make a thick syrup. You can also choose to add some cardamom powder for better taste. Later on, add crushed peanuts and spread the mixture on a tray. Later cut them in the shape of bars and you can relish them whenever you need. This can be considered a great after gym snack.

5. Spicy Raw Mango


This raw mango snack is for those who want to binge on something sour and spicy. The snack can be prepared quickly and it is also one of the popular street delicacies. All you need to do is to chop the raw mango into bite-sized pieces and add some salt and chilly powder. Later on, you can add a teaspoon of whichever oil you prefer. Raw mango helps in giving an instant energy boost and it is also beneficial in treating various hormonal issues. The weight watchers can definitely enjoy this snack anytime.

6. Brown Bread sandwich

Brown bread sandwich

This is indeed a quick recipe of sandwich and brown bread makes it all healthy. It is a wonderful way to incorporate some vegetables into your diet. You can choose to either toast or grill them. In between your brown bread, you can choose to add sliced onion, sliced tomato, sliced boiled potato, lettuce, some roasted broccoli or any vegetable that you like. You can season it with pepper powder and salt and also add some cheese and tomato ketchup if you like. You can have this anytime as it provides with maximum nutrition.

7. Quick Semolina Pancake

Semolina Pancake

Semolina is an amazing ingredient to make a quick snack. It has the right amount of carbohydrates and proteins to satiate your hunger. This semolina pancake can be made quickly and is tasty too. Wash about a cup of semolina and add a half cup of curd to it, add some chopped green chillies and chopped ginger, three teaspoons of wheat flour, little sugar and salt for taste. You can also choose to add a mashed banana for better paste. You can also season it with spluttered mustard seeds. Mix it all well with required quantity of water to make pancake batter and enjoy this healthy snack.

These snack ideas are delicious and can be easily made. Even if you are a newbie in cooking, you can start with these recipes and turn out to be a great cook. It is important to remember that good health begins in your kitchen. You would certainly keep a watch on the ingredients used and try to maintain a balance of calories which is definitely a plus. So get started by implementing these snack ideas and maintain your weight in a healthy way.

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