11 Best Living Room Design Ideas

A living room is a vital component of any home. People often try different ways to augment the look of this integral portion of their home. It is the first thing that the guests notice. Hence, time and care should be taken to decorate the living room graciously. It is important to carefully decide on the do’s and don’ts and then finally design your living room in the most sophisticated manner. You just cannot stuff all the things you love in your living room. A careful decision is vital as it creates an impression in the minds of guests about you.

Here are a few important tips that can be followed to decorate your living room. These tips can be followed easily and require a minimum investment.

1. Use Contrast Colours

Contrast Living room Ideas

The colours of the walls depict your taste. You can choose colours that suit your personality perfectly. The colours should be well-balanced and should create a positive impact when you enter the home. You can use contrast colours. If you are a fan of wallpapers, you can choose something like motifs so that it will bring a modern and sophisticated touch. Some attractive stencil designs can also be used in places to bring in attractiveness. It is also vital to choose good quality paint so that it withstands any internal or external factors for wear and tear.

2. Stylish with Modern Equipment

Modern Kitchen

Some of the integral modern equipment that should belong to your living room is television, music system, AI equipped smart home gadgets etc. These are purely meant for entertainment purpose and actually helps in bringing a family together. Apart from the entertainment factor, it should also be pleasant to the eyes. Good quality modern equipment will undoubtedly enrich the look of your living room. This brings a lot of richness and is definitely a thing that you can be proud of.

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3. Elegant Electrical Fittings

Wall ceiling electric fitting

Electrical fittings such as fans, lights etc. should be fixed in the right places. We are very fortunate to find a lot of options considering in the market these days. The electrical equipment not only serves the purpose but also helps in increasing the appearance of your living room. Stylish and colourful equipment can be got easily that goes well with the look of your living room. So make sure to buy such equipment that goes well with the appearance and colours of your living room.

4. Attractive Flooring

Wooden Flooring

There are a lot of flooring options that you can choose from such as concrete, vinyl, ceramic tiles, hardwood floors of varied colours, marble etc. It is upon you to choose what complements you and your home. It is important to choose the one that is extremely comfortable and sustains the varying weather conditions.

5. Striking Carpet

Carpet Ideas

Placing an elegant carpet definitely brings in a lot of difference. The dimension of the room has to be considered before buying it. To get the best carpet for your living room, it is essential to know about different styles, quality and materials so that you can be sure about comfort and durability.

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6. Antique and Collectibles


Placing antique articles in your living room definitely brings in a lot of richness. A small antique closet, furniture or pot can bring in immense difference. So choose the right article that looks great for your living room.

7. Modern Furniture

Modern Furniture

Furniture for your living room such as TV stand, end table, coffee table, sectional, sofa or couch should be elegant and should provide with maximum comfort. These should be such that it can be cleaned and maintained well. The colours of the furniture should also go well with the appearance of your living room. The furniture should have good finishing and the work has to be flawless.

8. Elegant Curtains


Elegant curtains can be used for balconies attached to the living room or for windows. It is better to choose light coloured curtains so that the room is bright always. Make sure to buy the best quality curtains and these should also complement the walls of the room. Good looking curtains with great designs will definitely help in elevating the appearance of your living room.

9. Indoor Plants

Indoor plant Ideas

Placing some indoor plants brings in a lot of positivity and helps in bringing a progressive environment. You can choose a particular portion of your living room for placing such plants. Some kinds of indoor plants that can be used for this purpose could be cactus, succulents, foliage, creepers, ferns, bonsai plants etc. Maintaining these plants well is extremely important. Also, make sure not to keep more than two plants.

10. Lucky Charms

Dream Catcher

You can choose to place some lucky charms too. This is said to bring in good luck and also helps in getting a wonderful look to your living room. Some Vastu plants can be placed for a fresh appearance. Apart from this, wind chimes, laughing Buddha, horseshoe charms can also be considered good options.

11. Artistic Pieces

Wall Art

You can choose a particular focal point in your living room and place an artistic piece. When such a piece is placed it will augment the look of your wall in the best way. It could be a beautiful painting that you have always adored or any craft that is made beautifully. You can keep changing the look of your living room once in a while to make a huge difference. Even minute changes would create a huge impact. If you want to have a small aquarium with goldfish, even that can be done. This helps in creating a lively environment. However, timely cleaning and maintenance is an essential aspect and you can never run away from it. Make sure to keep only those things that are really essential in your living room.

Implementing all of these ideas could be a little difficult or could also prove to be overcrowding. So you choose the best ones that go well with the space of your living room and the ones that give a graceful appearance. Even without the help of an interior designer, you can design your living room elegantly and also without a hole in your pocket.

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