SEX. GONORRHEA, Now What? Sex Ed Time!

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection that is caused by a microorganism named Neisseria Gonorrhea. Typically any organism can be infected by this greatly infectious microorganism. It is usually seen to attack the genital area but sometimes can also attack the throat and the anus. If the ways of transmission are not clear, then just too elaborate that it can spread to the throat by oral sex and spread to the anus by anal sex.

GONORRHEA - A Sexually Transmitted Disease!

This disease can also be found in the rectum of some women since it is passed through the vagina. In addition, gonorrhea is also seen to affect the eyes of human beings, with a thin transparent inflectional layer covering the eyes and inner eyelids.


GONORRHEA - A Sexually Transmitted Disease!

Most of us would often be wondering that how would a person end up with such a disease in the first place. The bacteria of this disease cannot survive in temperature outside the human tissue; this means that it can be transmitted only through close sexual contact. This means that the bacteria can find its way to your body through vaginal, oral or anal intercourse.


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The prevalence of this disease is higher in the female sex as compares to the opposite gender. However, the symptoms of gonorrhea are very difficult to find in women and the treatment is much more intricate once diagnosed. The sad part about his disease is that sometimes the symptoms may not even be visible enough to be diagnosed. That is you just may have the infection without feeling that anything is wrong.


Men and women both start experiencing a sore throat once the infection sets in and start having discharge from the rectum accompanied by some itching in the places that have been infected with gonorrhea. However, the symptoms may vary to some extent in men and women.

Men start experiencing the symptoms about two to ten days after being infected. The first symptom is a slight burning sensation while passing urine which in later stages becomes as painful as passing razor blades. This is followed by creamy pus-like discharge from the tip of the penis.

In women, symptoms are usually not noticeable in a long time which makes the infection undetected for longer. However few of the symptoms that women experience are fever, pain while urinating, abdominal pain and unusual discharge from the vagina.


10 to 20% of the women who have gonorrhea start getting the infection spread into the fallopian tube causing inflammation known as “salpingitis”. This becomes prominent in the first menstrual cycle following the infection. Salpingitis is also another form of PID (pelvic inflammatory disease). This sort of disease often results in either infertility or ectopic pregnancy which puts the mother’s life at risk.


Gonorrhea leads to infertility in men as well. This disease results in inflammation of the thin tube from the testes to the vas deferens, the place where the sperms mature; scientifically termed as epididymis. This results in swelling of the tube which is quite painful and in turn results in infertility in the long term if left untreated.

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