Top 5 Best Learning Apps for Students

We are living in an era of technology, where everything is possible within the touch of a button. Not only the young people but the aged and kids also becoming more and more digital-friendly in today’s era. Technology has lots of advantages in our lives and helps to make it much easier. Over the years, the education industry has also faced a rapid transformation due to digitalization of education, smart classes and mobile apps that makes study much more easier and helps the students to clear the doubt. It can be said to be the boon to the life of the students and helps to reduce the study pressure on students. The education apps make study simple and also helps to saves times and one can learn in free time too.

The visual representation, slideshows, and videos in many of these apps have helps students to gain interest in studies rather than attending classroom lectures and hectic tuitions. Also, these apps help to overcome fear and helps to gain confidence especially to those who are average or score lower marks in the exam. The apps will help to retain confidence, clear the concept and make a student get ready for the competitive world. Many times when students get confused or no guidance on how to prepare for school exam or other competitive exams, these apps show the guidance within few seconds without running to expensive coaching in the other states or other parts of the city and thus provide a solution to many problems. So here are 5 Edutech learning apps that definitely helps students to learn with fun with technology.

1) Byju’s – The learning apps

Byju’s consist of simple learning method from class 4 till the competitive exams like CAT, Bank, IAS etc. This helps to simplify the mathematics problem by making it visualizing which often helps children to retain the information in the brain. Not only the mathematics, but the application also consisted of science videos and worksheet in very simplified form. This will helps children to learn from the videos and practice the worksheet and gain more knowledge from it.

byjus app

The apps help to fill the knowledge gap and learning problem that a student may face. If a student face difficulty in learning mathematics and remembering the formula, this apps surely helps them to learn by visualizing thus bridge the communication gap between students and teachers. Also, it helps a child to become smarter and develop the learning ability. In the higher grade, the science subjects are divided into Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with practice sets, mock test for a competitive exam and previous years questions and thus helps students to prepare for a competitive world with the simple use of apps.

It also simplifies the problems, the solutions, the learnings and practice set with explanation and thus helps students to retain more information as everything is in a pictorial description. One must surely go for it and make the fear of mathematics go away by the regular following of this learning apps. This app is surely recommended for the young children as they can learn anywhere and anytime with visual description.

2) Toppr – Learning App for Class 5th to 12th

Toppr learning apps are for the students of class 5 to 12, and it has got many subjects other than only Maths and Science like Social Science, EVS, general quizzes etc. Hereafter login once has to select the class and their board of examination after that they redirected to chapters and chapters, which have videos and practice worksheets that not only helps in school exam but also helps in school level competitive exam.

toppr app

This app is not fully free one have to select from their different plans like Master plan for INR 8000 for 4 months or Advanced plan for INR 12,000 for 4 months, there are different types of plan to choose from. Depend on the plan choose you can learn, give an online test and clear doubts by any time of the day. Before choosing any plan one can also get a free 5-day trial and learn several chapters, take quizzes and score in it and can evaluate his/her learning skills and knowledge in the apps.

There also several videos, challenges and compete with other participants in the apps. Its a good learning app for school children, to clear doubts and score better marks. The doubt clearing is the most advantage for students as it helps to take pictures of the problem or any part of the book and send to doubt clearing options and helps to get personalized doubt clearing. Although all the features are fully not free but in the process of learning at home without tuition saving time, this app can really be useful for school goers. Also, it helps to learn anywhere and anytime without disturbing the extracurricular or other routines.

3) Embibe – AI-powered learning platform

Embibe app is especially for students for a higher grade and for those who want to learn and go competitive exams like Joint Entrance exam for medical or engineering, AIIMS, State Agricultural, and Medical common entrance etc. Another app that helps to bridge the communication gap. Although Embibe is not for children it helps to makes students of higher class more competitive. Here one can practice maths set from more than 50K questions and thus practice helps them to a better understanding of the subjects.

One can take a test, analyze the solution and compare the rank with other students taking the exam. This is also Mathematics and Science based apps rather than including other subjects like Toppr, this is for students who want to opt for science or want to go for Joint entrance exam etc.

Some features of the Embibe is also paid and one can also use their free services available in Embibe. Using Embibe for competitive exam one can analyze the self lacking and weak points and time management and thus help students to perform better in the exam. This learning apps is more than enough for the students aims to crack the competitive exam and practice vigorously.

4) Extramarks – Largest K-12 Learning App

This is the most detailed apps for education for kids, children and even the students of higher grade and of all streams. It not only focusses on science and mathematics subjects but it consisted of all subjects from class Nursery till class 12, there are also separate extra marks apps for competitive exam preparation like joint entrance exam, NEET exam, CA exam and others. Why this apps is little different than the other apps? because you can use it for little kids. It has videos and visual descriptions that will help a child to retain more information in the brain.

It is mainly based on CBSE and ICSE subjects, so here in Extramarks apps one can choose a chapter, self learn from it and can practice question and answer and can even give a test. This feature of self-learning, practice and give test is available from class nursery till class 12 to every subject and every stream, and not to limited subjects like Byju’s. It has paid features which need to unlock each chapter, practice and give a test and that made the apps a little bit costly. Perhaps this is the only negative point of this apps. But the plus point that every chapter is explained in videos and slide form which is very useful for students.

Also, this site is full of information and videos and slides makes it interesting. Also, the personalized doubt clearing within a few minutes is very much helpful to students. Students can score better marks once they start using Extramarks. One can surely go for it who loves to self-study, save time study anywhere and anytime and clear all the doubts.

5) Unacademy – India’s largest learning platform

Unacademy offers various courses from class 9 to several competitive exams, it includes the national level exam to the state level exams, entrance exam, competitive exams to personality to skill development programme. The school syllabus is mainly based on CBSE board syllabus. It consisted of video learning of different subjects related to CBSE syllabus. The video provides a detailed explanation of all probable subjects. For class 11 and 12, it had provided learning videos to all stream and not limited to few subjects so its useful for all the students of all the stream.

The videos are available in English as well as in Hindi languages. All the subjects have detailed explained videos of all the chapters that will help in learning and doubt clearing. So it is useful for the board exam. The whole app is based on video learning. Even after board exam, the are several videos for entrance like JEE, NEET exams and as mention earlier there are videos of all other competitive exams.

So, this apps is different from other apps in terms of test and worksheet as it mainly based on video teaching, a video explanation of all the subjects. These are similar to learning from youtube videos. But there is profile for the educators where you can follow them like social media sent a message to the educator. No doubt, this apps is useful in its own way.

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