5 Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad

Apple products have been and will always be very premium in the market and will be adored by the public. However, there is one major downfall with the phone and that is the phone misses a keyboard. People who are not so phone-savvy and are not used to touch phones, face severe issues. On the other hand, there are still a lot of android phones which have keyboards, giving the users a great luxury of comfort.

However, with technological advancements happening every hour, minute and even second many iPhone and IPad keyboard apps have come up in the apple store which is available for download. These apps have a number of options available as they provide keyboard facility, a keyboard of emoji’s, a very custom key sounds, swiping, typing, etc. The keyboard is also available in all the language. The user can change the keyboard according to his or her requirements.

1. GBoardGboard

This app is one of the top-ranked apps in the app store due to its heavy loaded features. Can you imagine your life without Google? No, right. This app has a unique feature to keep you at ease always. It has the google search bar on the iPhone keyboard. This allows refraining from switching which creates confusions and takes up a lot of time. G-board, where the G stands for Google, gives this luxury to its users.

The very tiny google button on the screen allows the user to directly open google and search for any and everything. One added advantage here is that, just by tapping and searching on google, the user can automatically share the results will all the friends. Now imagine you are super hungry and you want to know the nearby restaurants as soon as possible? This app even provides the luxury to search for nearby restaurants as well as ATM’s. GBoard is available on iTunes and Google Play store.

A few silent features of the Gboard app are as follows:

1. The keys in the keyboard are very systematically and neatly arranged.

2. It has a google search engine integrated which allows searching anything at any time without asking the user to switch a lot of apps.

3. It also provides a swipe texting feature in the phone which acts a huge boon to the user.

4. A user if presses on the space bar for more than 30 seconds can also enable voice diction which is automatically powered by google instead of Siri.

2. SwiftKey Keyboard


This app is the most popular all amongst the user. 99% of the apple have this app downloaded and use it very regularly. Now, this app is very apt for people, who are text-savvy and keep texting 24*7. This app provided error-free typing to the user. Are you someone who is very lazy to write full words or makes a lot of mistakes while typing? If yes, this app is a bliss to your life.

This app is one of the most useful iOS apps available currently. It has a unique autocorrect feature which is primarily based on artificial intelligence. One of the unique features of this app is, this app gets used to the writing habits of the user and keeps providing text predictions. The app has a ‘flow’ option which allows the user to type super-fast by swiping the keys instead of actually tapping them. Swift Keyboard is available on iTunes and Google Play store.

3. GO Keyboard


Go Keyboard app is one of the most talked apps amongst Apple users. The app provides a lot of comfort to its users by giving them the option to customize the keyboard according to the usage. The user can customize the keyboard according to the app which he or she is using, tapping of sounds, the various themes of the keyboard, user can also design his or her own theme, adjust the spacing, etc.

One of the added advantages of the app is that it has the keyboard in 40 languages which include the very local language of a lot of countries. This allows the user to use the keyboard comfortably in his or her own language. Go Keyboard is available on iTunes and Google Play store.

4. Flesky

It is a free app which can be downloaded by any apple user from the App Store. The app is primarily designed to help the user be a very fast and efficient typer which saves a lot of time. This app allows the user to add a number of extensions to the basic keyboard. What makes this app very attractive is its colourful themes and the presence of a variety of GIFs which the user can use according to the requirement. This app has a unique feature of Gesture-based controls, which allows the user to be a part of a lot of actions of the keyboard at the same time.

To make the life of the users comfortable, Flesky provides keyboards available in 42 languages. Now the users can use their preferred language hassle-free. Flesky is available on iTunes and Google play store

5. Grammarly Keyboard


Grammarly is already a very famous app used by lakhs of people. No doubt it is a savour especially times when people are caught with deadlines. The app which is available on the app store has combined two unique features which are spell checker and the grammar checker function. This app is apt for people who use the keyboard for official purposes. This can leave no chance of leaving any error of a typo in the official emails, messages, etc.

It can be rated as one of the best keyboard available for Apple users, especially if the keyboard is used by professionals. Grammarly Keyboard is available on iTunes and Google Play store.

These apps, don’t just provide the user with a keyboard. They provide so much more to the user such as colour theme, grammar check, language option, swiping option. The user can actually customize the entire keyboard according to comfort and requirement. Also, these apps are very safe from bugs. They are very user-friendly apps which the user can use hassle-free.

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