Top Food Delivery Apps in 2018 in India

This article is about reviewing top 6 food delivery apps which are established or starting up in India. These apps are available across all the platforms & you can see a lot of competition in the food delivery sector. The apps which I will be reviewing are the ones which have a multi-cuisine menu for their customers who want their food to be delivered to their place.

So all the foodie public make sure that you watch this video till the end because there’s a lot in this video for you to learn. Hunger strikes at any time of the day but you can’t go out each time you feel hungry. So lazy people like me hail these food delivery apps like anything.

Let me rank all of these apps for you according to how good their service is in terms of delivery time, packaging, availability of food items etc.

The Food Delivery App that ranks 6th is ‘Freshmenu’:

Many of you may not have heard of it, but I think they are scaling up fast enough to get ranked higher amongst their competitors. The app is not designed good enough as you have the meals starting on the very first page. So even if I am looking to order burgers or salad for breakfast I have to navigate using the nav bar which is barely visible. There are a lot of offers for the new users but I think they need to figure out on adding more categories on the first page and sort the menu more efficiently. Apart from that, they have done a great work on the referral points and the average delivery time remains 45 mins for meals. The packaging quality is decent enough with good availability of items in the menu. So these points make the Freshmenu app rank 6th in this list.

The Food Delivery App that ranks 5th is ‘Faasos’:

The Faaso’s app has numerous offers all the time. They also have multi-cuisine menu & their combos are surely value for money. The combinations which we get is exclusive and you won’t find it on any other apps. The UI is relatively complex but the food quality & packaging is too good. One thing to notice is the food is slightly expensive compared to other apps. But all the food items are always available for the customers. Their average delivery time is around 45+ minutes for meals. Apart from good combos, due to higher costs for all the eatables, I’d rank Faaso’s in the 5th place.

The Food Delivery App that ranks 4th is ‘Foodpanda’:

On a given afternoon I was trying this app for the first time to explore various offers. So I booked an ice cream which has some huge discount on the banner ad but eventually when I checked out the offer was not applied. I wanted to cancel my order but there was no direct option for the same. You have to set up a chat with Foodpanda executives and then get your order canceled (If they are available which is possible on if you are lucky). So this app is the worst app to cancel your order during peak hours. Apart from that the menu is very neatly categorized and average delivery time is 45+ minutes for meals. They also have very few numbers of restaurants as their partners which is why they are not as popular as other food delivery apps. Availability of items is just decent enough & so the Foodpanda ranks 4th on the list.

The Food Delivery App that ranks 3rd is ‘Swiggy’:

Swiggy is one of the Apps which I used most of the time until the number 1 app arrived a few months ago. The UI is amazing and it has nicely sorted categories. It comes with additional options like discover menu which consists of superfast delivery, free delivery, pocket-friendly & what’s new options. This comes in very handy while booking orders, especially when you are very hungry. I have used Swiggy to place orders like 25-30 times but there has not been a single instance when Swiggy has delivered the food ahead of the estimated time. Free delivery is the best option available on Swiggy. One must make a note that Swiggy has the most number of riders registered to any food delivery app in Mumbai. Even after being so popular, I would rank Swiggy in the third place in this list.

The Food Delivery App that ranks 2nd is ‘Zomato’:

I know you would be wondering which app is the first & the best but first, let’s talk about Zomato which ranks 2nd. I would like to claim that no other app on the Internet can give you genuine in-depth insights of any restaurant like Zomato does. It is very informative & you can look around for restaurants, book a table & do a lot more on Zomato. When it comes to delivery, Zomato delivers food in an average time of 35 minutes & has good packaging quality. The amount of restaurants it has on its list is more than any other app available. The UI looks very neat and it’s easy to use for a new user. Categories are well placed & I would rank Zomato as the second best food delivery app in the list.

So here we arrive at the App that ranks 1st in this list.

Yes, It’s Uber eats!

Now you would think why did I rank this app first when it does not even cover all of Mumbai yet. One reason is that it delivers food way before the estimated time of delivery. I have used all the apps which deliver food but I have never received my Biryani in 20 mins. But when I ordered Biryani’s, Chinese on Uber eats, I got my delivery every time within 20-25 minutes. People would criticise me and say that Uber eats has fewer customers so it delivers early but there it is, ‘It delivers early’. They don’t deliver all over Mumbai but that’s how things should work, you start with something small & become efficient in that small area. Only then you expand your business so that you deliver early and earn more customers like me who really care about getting their food as early as possible. Due to one simple reason, which is the early delivery of food I’d say Uber Eats is the number 1 food delivery app today. Let’s see if it continues to deliver in such a less time when it starts spreading out all over Mumbai & Thane.

So this was our review of top 6 food delivery apps which are established and starting up in & around Mumbai. If you want to write such reviews about anything, you can write it to us on If your review has unique content, up to 1000 words, you can get it published on our website & win cash rewards.

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