Moto e5 Plus vs Xiaomi Redmi Y2: The Ultimate Winner Is?

The Moto e5 Plus & Xiaomi Redmi Y2 were recently launched in the Indian Smartphone Market. They have already secured a place for themselves in the top 10 low budget phones of 2018. Both these phones are exceptional with respect to their specific aspects but let’s compile Moto e5 Plus vs Xiaomi Redmi Y2 & see which one is better.

Design & Display ( Moto e5 Plus vs Xiaomi Redmi Y2 )

The Moto e5 Plus has an exceptionally good design with 3D Polymer Glass back which looks classy. The wavy design looks more than perfect with the camera placed perfectly inside the ring. The ring design is a special feature of the Moto’s design but the camera looks like it has a dual lens. It’s not! There’s single camera lens accompanied by Autofocus sensor with flash at the bottom.

When we look at the design of Redmi Y2, it looks ordinary & doesn’t look as impressive as we have on the Moto e5 Plus. The built material used is Polycarbonate which looks & feels like plastic which looks cheap. The camera has been placed vertically which is a very common design in today’s smartphones.

The Moto e5 Plus & Redmi Y2 have 6″ & 5.99″ of HD Display which does not differ much from each other. The Fingerprint scanner is intelligently placed inside the Moto logo on the Moto e5 plus while its a normal scanner on the rear on Redmi Y2. So in the design & display aspect, the Moto e5 Plus is a clear winner.

Camera ( Moto e5 Plus vs Xiaomi Redmi Y2 )

Following Table shows what do the cameras of both the phones have for the users.

Camera Moto e5 Plus Xiaomi Redmi Y2
Rear 12MP 12MP+5MP
Front 5MP/8MP 16MP
Selfie Flash Yes Yes
Depth Sensor No Yes
Manual Mode No Yes

Camera Samples



Looking at the camera samples, you can easily figure out the Redmi Y2 has far better Camera than the Moto e5 Plus. The edge detection works perfectly on the Redmi Y2 & it takes good photos in the daylight. So for me, Redmi Y2 surely deserves a point over the Moto e5 Plus when it comes to the camera quality.

Battery ( Moto e5 Plus vs Xiaomi Redmi Y2 )

The Moto e5 Plus has a huge battery of 5000 mAh & it easily lasts for more than two days on average usage. Even after heavy usage, it lasted for more than one and a half day which is worth appreciating. The Redmi Y2 has 3080 mAh battery which is obviously inferior to the Moto e5 Plus. The Redmi Y2 battery survives through the day for average users but for heavy usage, you might need to charge it around evening.

Both the phones run on Android Oreo but the Moto e5 Plus has near stock android whereas the Redmi Y2 has MIUI. This is why the Moto e5 Plus feels relatively easier to use. On comparing battery & UI, Moto e5 takes one leap ahead of the Redmi Y2.

Performance ( Moto e5 Plus vs Xiaomi Redmi Y2 )

Specs. Moto e5 Plus Redmi Y2
Processor Snapdragon 425 Snapdragon 625
Internal Memory 32GB 32GB


It’s 2018 & I wonder why Moto e5 Plus has the old Snapdragon 425 processor which I feel is outdated. The Redmi Y2 comes with comes with Snapdragon 625 which is far more faster than the Moto e5 Plus.

The processing speed is high on the Redmi Y2 & you can feel the difference if you use heavy apps on both the devices simultaneously. So the Redmi Y2 stands ahead of Moto e5 Plus in terms of Performance.

Cost & Conclusion ( Moto e5 Plus vs Xiaomi Redmi Y2 )

The price of the phone is the deciding factor for me. The Moto e5 Plus is priced at INR 11,999 & the Redmi Y2 costs INR 9,999. It’s surely convincing that the Redmi Y2 lacks bigger battery, stock android & unique design like the Moto e5 Plus. But it does have a good camera, better performance & supports lag-free gaming, for me, Redmi Y2 is the winner in this race.

So Redmi Y2 is the best buy when compared with the Moto e5 Plus any given day.

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