Top 30 Questions You can Ask to Alexa

Amazon Alexa Echo 2nd Generation is a smart speaker with a lot of skills and abilities. You can add various skills in Alexa from the Alexa app. I tried a lot of skills with Alexa and here are some commands I had fun trying with Amazon Echo:

General Information:

How is the weather?
What is the cricket score?
What is my Flash Briefing?
Who is the richest person in the world?
When is Diwali?

Fun, Games, and Entertainment:

Tell me a joke
Tell me a story
Tell me a Random Fact
Tell me a Technology Fact
Compliment me 🙂
What is the daily horoscope of Aries?
Ask Thor’s hammer if I am worthy?
Are you connected to CIA or FBI?
Who is your favourite actor?
Who is your favourite singer?
Tell me some GOT Facts
Play Rock Paper Scissors
Do a Magic Trick

Reminders, Timers, Stopwatch:

Remind me to watch Cricket at 6 PM
Start the Timer of 30 seconds


What is the latest song by Eminem?
Volume Up
Volume Down
Forward 20 seconds
Backward 10 seconds
Which song is this?


What is the value of pi up to 100 decimal places?
What is the Integral of Sin?
How much is 1 USD in Indian Rupee?
How many years ago was 9th May 1717?
Alexa Play True or False


Can you recommend me some restaurants nearby?
Can you suggest me some new movies?
Ask the trip advisor to visit places in Delhi
Can you recommend me some mobile phones?
Which one should I pick? Android or iPhone?

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