Samsung VS Apple. Who has been more inventive in these years?


The vista of this sumptuous world is transforming owing to incrementing changes in technology and people are encouraging this revolution to have a thriving and lavishing living with several facilities that these different technologies provide them.APPLE.

Samsung and Apple both are renowned and top-level companies all around the globe providing myriad specifications for many decades. They always release excellent models of mobile phones with marvelous features. Every year there is something some sophisticated and astonishing characteristics in their mobile phone which captivates the audience and makes them purchase more and use more.

Certainly, Samsung and Apple have high prices as compared to other companies but still, people purchase them to raise their standards in society and to have a luxury liveliness. Their advanced features make them different and dominant than other mobile companies such as their high speed, precision, more resolution cameras, long-lasting batteries, big display screen, cloud storage, security systems and many more. After looking to such efficient, advanced and entertaining features a customer don’t feel reluctant to purchase them that is why they have massive followers. They allow high integration of developed and innovative technologies and software to work with them.

It would be no exaggeration to say that Apple and Samsung are competitors in the market for many years. There was a time when no mobile manufacturing company was better than apple but then its sales fluctuated and it gave a chance to other companies to increment their mobile sales. If we talk about the security stuff, then indubitably apple has marked its name from a security perspective; their design and quality proved to be the most user-friendly. Samsung and Apple differ in screens size, resolution and operating systems. A different group of people has a different perspective. Some believe that android has more openness while others rely upon and comfortable with the security system of apple. Since the last three years these both companies facing a clash on a large scale which has been spanned over four continents when they came up to almost the same sell rate. The young ones are more fascinated by apple phones by 40% of the proportion according to overall research while the other 20% preferred Samsung and 40% constituted by other companies.

If we look back to the past, then Samsung has a long history of continuous inventions. Initially, in 1999 with the first release of the multi-functional devices brought a revolution in history. At the same time, they released a watch phone to enhance mobile capabilities.

Samsung introduced an LCD by the launch of the true color phone in 2002. Then, they launched the first Galaxy series enriched with powerful features by 2010. Before launching its galaxy models, Samsung had a camera of 5-megapixels. We see the Samsung S4 with both front and back cameras which certainly plunged the sales on a high scale. Then, we see S7 with more remarkable and astonishing features it also has a dual-pixel sensor camera as well as three times better than S6. Samsung launched its Note8 especially famous for taking portrait snaps where a person can focus on one thing and the surrounding area gets blur. The display screens also increased to 5.3 inches and then further 6.3 with the high-quality processors day by day.

Interestingly, in 2018 Samsung started an era of foldable phones by releasing of infinity flex display in the market. Samsung is going to be the first company with the connectivity of 5G as it got approval by FCC. Hopefully, a 5G smartphone will be in our hands at the end of 2019.

Infinity flex display
Infinity flex display

Whereas, Steve Jobs become the CEO of Apple in 1985 when the Microsoft world prevailed all over the world and apple conspicuously faced fluctuations.

Apple faced profit & loss but since 2010 after releasing of iPad it became victorious in the market then it released its Airpods which was a great invention and can be used with watch series 3.This technology provided us with GPS connectivity and the best user-friendly applications.

Chutiye soch raha

In nutshell, both Samsung and Apple always had a great impact on our lives. There come various perceptions if we compare both of them. Samsung gives you will have numerous choices, better customization as well as best and portable hardware than the apple. Although, Apple is more user-friendly, better security and less technical. Such technologies are diving us towards a paradigm shift.


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