5 Cities you can visit this winter vacation in India with low budget

Pondicherry sunset

Many of us eagerly await the winter vacations. Winter vacation in India is usually a week long. The weather is pleasant as well. This can help a lot when you feel like travelling. There are many places that you can go to. However, you have to make sure that you have a budget. Not only a budget, should you consider the time as well. There are many places which will take some time to reach.

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Things to consider before travelling

First, you need to know how long your winter vacation is. When you want to travel, always discard two days for pure travelling and reaching the place. Other than that, also consider one more day for relaxing before you jump into your routine. You will need some time to realise how to catch back up. One day can give you adequate time to preparing everything. 

Secondly, you need to decide what your budget is. Sometimes we have budget constraints. This can also limit the places we can travel to. This is because the fares for train or air are also very high. The tickets itself can eat out a big chunk from your budget. Make sure you include hotel stays, food, etc. these other expenses might look small but are very considerate. 

Places to travel with a minimum budget

In this article, we will discuss cities in India, which you can visit during your winter break. We will specifically discuss cities that can be visited by spending the minimum budget, such as beaches and hill stations. There are many cities to visit during winter vacation. Here are a few:


Goa beaches

When talking about beaches, the most popular destination that pops in your head is with default, Goa. Goa is a very affordable place that you can visit. The accommodation over there is also quite reasonable. There are many beach huts that you can stay in. It is full of beaches which you can travel at ease. You can even hire a bike for a reasonable amount of money. You can roam around in the city on your own. Here is an ultimate travel guide of Goa

Pondicherry:Pondicherry sunset

It’s a place full of small streets that can be travelled whenever you feel like. The accommodation is quite reasonable. If you like experimenting with food, there are tons of cafes here. The speciality is that these cafes are on beaches and you can enjoy a view as well. While you do, you can try out many kinds of French food they specialise in.


Rishikesh Aarti

This is the place for adventure. It is famous for its water rafting as well. When you feel like experiencing that, make sure you visit Rishikesh. The weather is also perfect over there. You can enjoy river rafting, skydiving, bungee jumping, etc. In the evening, you can enjoy the majestic hymns of the temple and witness the astonishing Ganga Arti. 



One more place with abundant views of the mighty Himalayas, it is a must-visit. Their local food is unique and yum. You can also get a chance to see as well as experience some Buddhist culture. 


Jaisalmer desert

Yes! Have you planned on visiting the last city of India in the west? Jaisalmer in winters advocates the best of the scenic beauty. You can stay in the camps and enjoy the nightlife of the same. Jaisalmer gifts you with camel safari along with the beautiful view of the Thar. You can also enjoy the sunrise across the desert. 


These are a few places that can be visited when you have a light budget. These places can be covered in around INR 5000 as well. All places are unique according to their sites and surroundings. Make sure you plan trips for the same!



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