Top 10 Places to Visit in Mussoorie – ‘The Queen of Hills’

Mussoorie is located in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand, it is a very famous and beautiful hill station. Mussoorie is at a distance of 35 kilometers from Dehradun. This hill station is situated in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalaya range. Considering the beauty of this place it definitely lives up to its name of ‘The Queen of Hills‘. Mussoorie is a popular hill station, where diverse flora and fauna exists, tourists from all over the world travel to this place to experience its beauty. The finest time to visit this place is from March to November. In the cold, the temperature of the day is 7 degrees, while in the night the temperature becomes close to zero. The summers are not that hot but nights are extremely cold. Here is a list of all the places you must definitely visit on your tour to Mussoorie.

1. Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls is located in Ramgaon, Mussoorie. Kempty Falls is one of the most popular places in Mussoorie. It is a 70 ft high waterfall, the base of which has developed into a pool of sorts where tourists can take a dip. It is pleasant to sit down here watching the falling waterfalls. There are an also a few shacks up there which offer the most delicious Maggi. This place has changing rooms alongside for you to comfortably change clothes. From taking a dive in the shallow waters of the falls to fishing and swimming, there are a number of activities for tourists to indulge in. If you are not a big fan of adventure, enjoy a picnic or simply spend a couple of hours listening to sound of pouring waters.

2. Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba is the highest point of Mussoorie. It is basically a café that’s red in color which provides you the access to the breathtaking highest point of Mussoorie. If you want, you can adore the beauty of this hill through the old telescope, which is situated on the hill of 20 meters high. You need to pay some entry fee or simply order their delicious coffee and Maggie for entry in this place. From here Kedarnath, Badrinath can also be seen. To showcase the picturesque surroundings of your audience, some people here show you distant peaks through the Japanese telescope. You’ll also find a guide who will tell you all about the history of this place. This place is very beautiful, calm and serene and you could spend hours just gazing at the amazing sight this place provides.

3. Happy Valley

Tibetans live mainly in Mussoorie. Happy Valley is the place where Tibetan first came to India. 1959 When the spiritual leader, Guru Dalai Lama had gone to Dharamsala, some Tibetans had escaped from Lhasa, and came here to Mussoorie. This place has been decorated very beautifully. With a peaceful courtyard and beautiful landscapes, this place is worth a visit. This place has a beautiful monastery and one can also see some Tibetan style homes. It is a must visit place if you want to know more about Tibet culture.

4. Mussoorie Lake

Developed on behalf of the Dehradun Development Authority, Mussoorie is a tourist interaction made in Lake Hall. If you wish, you can ride a boat on the pedal boats here and you can also see a very beautiful view of the valley. The most special thing about Mussoorie Lake is its zip-line. It is the longest and fastest zip-line in Mussoorie.

5. Christ Church

Christ Church was built in 1836, was built by the British in India. It definitely has an ancient history to it. The design of stones, the architectural style, the glass window in the church, present the events of the life of Jesus Christ very beautifully. The walls here, the decoration is very beautiful, which attracts tourists and attracts them. A peaceful place in the middle of a chaotic mall road. Christ Church is beautifully adorned with imported tainted crystal windows, finished by Keralite.

6. Camel’s Back Road

As the name implies, it is shaped like a camel’s back. It is made of stones, which extends 3-4 kilometers from the Kori Bazar to the Library Chowk. While strolling along the street you can see the wonderful views of the valley and beautiful views of the mountain. The 3 km walk from the mall on to this road is a wonderful ‘must do’ for avid walkers and nature lovers.

7. Gun Hills

Gun Hills is the second highest point of Mussoorie. In the British time, there was a firing from the gun here, after which it named Gun Hill. It is located at 2024 meters above sea level. Gun Hill can be easily reached by taking a ropeway ride or trekking along the way. At the top, there are a number of eateries and street gaming shops. If you go to this place in the mornings, you may get the chance to see the Himalayan peaks from this point.

8. Jwalaji Temple

Jwalaji temple is just 9 km away from Mussoorie. This is a place of worship for the Hindus and is the oldest Temple in the Shivalik ranges. It is good for people who like to visit places of worship. Besides devotees, the shrine also fascinates nature lovers for its gorgeous setting and pleasing atmosphere.

9. The Mall

The Mall is also known as the Mall Road. This is the most famous market of Mussoorie, where almost everything is available. It has a number of hotels from lavish to budget-friendly. A taxi is easily accessible from here, so you can go to faraway places in Mussoorie. Located in the heart of Mussoorie, Mall Road, where the crowd of tourists all the time is present. If you want, you can go for a relaxing walk in the evening. Mall Road is your best option for shopping. It is a 2-minute stretch that starts from Library Point and goes to Picture Palace. Don’t forget to eat at the Library Café for a lip-smacking meal.

10. Sir George Everest’s House

snow in missoorie

It was built in 1932 in memory of the great surveyor Sir George Everest. House of Sir George Everest was built in 1832. It was his Laboratory & House. From this point you can see a panoramic view of Doon Valley and Snow Clad Himalayan Ranges It is a picnic spot, which is 6 kilometers from the Library market. The best part about this location is the Sunset in the evening, you may find lots of places in Mussoorie which give you miles expanses of nothing but nothing like the sunset here.

Ruskin Bond once said, “People come and go, the mountains remain.” Such is the spell of ‘The Queen of Hills’, Mussoorie.

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