Why Go to Bali When You Have Majuli?


Bali is surely one of the most visited places in the world. Besides, it is quite a hit amongst Indians. However, is it worth going to foreign lands when you haven’t explored the hidden gems of your country? I think not.

India has a lot of hidden gems that haven’t been explored to their full potential. Majuli in Assam is definitely one of those places. It is the world’s largest river island as per the Guinness Book of World Records, which is a great feat in itself.

A trip to Majuli will offer you an exquisite experience away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Those seeking tranquillity must definitely give this place a visit. Besides, you get to indulge in various activities guaranteed to make your trip wholesome. Given below is the list of reasons as to why you should plan your next trip to this wonder of Northeast India.

Get in Touch With Your Roots

One of the USP’s of Majuli has to be the fact that it is nestled away from the chaos of city life. This place gives you an opportunity to reconnect with your roots. Majuli has picturesque villages that promise a peaceful time.

You can enjoy a quiet and nice stroll through the villages to immerse yourself in the pleasant air and ambience. The Mishing Village is one of the renowned names which will certainly offer a blissful experience. The people of Mishing are very cordial can give you great insights about their history and culture. You can even learn their local dance steps and enjoy the musical instruments played by the villages.

Dakhnipat Satra

This Satra is probably the most popular attraction of Majuli. It is more than 400 years old and still stands strong. The journey to the satra will surely leave you mesmerized. The lakes and water hyacinths are the icing on the cake. Every year, the satra witnesses numerous devotees coming in from around the world.

These devotees complete their quest for meaning and serenity at Dakhnipat Satra. The walls of satra are adorned with stunning paintings and sculptures. Furthermore, the festival of the National Festival of Assam, Raslila, takes place over here with complete opulence. The celebrations of the festival are undeniably a sight to behold.

Sunsets and Sunrise

Majuli is the finest place for going to countryside excursions. The Pathorichuk village is a place you can start from. You get to go on bamboo bridges and boat rides in a traditional manner. The country made boats makes the experience more authentic. You can witness magnificent sunsets and sunrise on the mighty river of Brahmaputra.

The evening scenario of villagers’ rowing boats just gratifies your visit to Majuli. In addition, you can capture some creative shots of these quaint scenes. The sunsets are especially something you mustn’t miss out on during your visit.

Tribal Food

The food of a place is one of the most important things when you are traveling and Majuli doesn’t disappoint. The key to capturing the essence of any place is to try out the local food. Some of the dishes which are quite renowned are Pattot Dia Mas.

It is essentially fish which they bake in a banana leaf. You can also savor their Chicken Khorika and Oo Tenga Mas Jul. Chicken Khorika is roasted chicken on a stick and Oo Tenga Mas Jul is basically fish curry with Oo Tenga fruit. Don’t forget to try the Apong which is a local rice beer of the place.


Majuli is quite popular for its artifacts too. A place called the Samaguri Satra is where you can witness the magic in action. It is the abode of skilled craftsmen who specialize in making masks. It is remarkable to watch them work with basic things like bamboo, cow dung and more. Moreover, these masks are used in the local plays which happen at the island at regular intervals.

One such play called BHAWAN is a must-watch. In fact, the various masks are used in the portrayal of particular characters. The art of mask-making has been going on for generations now. What’s interesting is that you can also learn this art through workshops conducted for the same.


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