Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Quick Recap!

So episode 4 was aired on this Sunday and if you haven’t caught up with the show you yet, I’d recommend you to watch the episode first before as there are spoilers coming up. So let’s begin with the breakdown of episode 4 of the final season of Game of Thrones.

Funeral For The Fallen

The episode starts with funeral to all the brave soldiers who fought bravely and died in the battle of Winterfell which includes Theon, Lynna, Ser jorah, Eddie, barrack and Dolores. Soon after the funeral to the fallen warriors, we could see the feast in the celebration of winning the Great War against the night king and his dead army.

Gendry Assigned the Lord of the Storms

This was Daenerys calls Gendry and name him Gendry Baratheon the lord of the storm. Even though, Gendry is bastard to Robert Baratheon and had no interest in becoming the lord of the storm It reminds me of the Jon he was also a bastard and never cared for power or any title to fight for the right cause.

Tormound talks about Jon's Courage and Strenght

I think Gendry would be good king as he is unlike his father Robert Baratheon who misused his powers for self needs. During the celebration, Tormund and northerners talk about Jon’s courage and strength and how he cares about his people. I think Jon is perfectly fit for becoming the Kings of seven kingdoms as he has all the great qualities as one great king should have. With Joy and contentment, Gendry asks Arya to be his Lady of the Storms but she refused the offer saying “that’s not me” and soon parts of with the hound to head towards the king’s landings

Daenerys 's rising concern about how northerners respect Jon

Further, we could see Daenerys ‘s rising concern about how northerners respect Jon and how they would likely want to see Jon be king of the iron throne even though Daenerys wants herself to be the ruler of the Iron Throne. We could see Daenerys and Jon having the conversation about their future and how Daenerys wants Jon not to tell his secret to anyone and not even Sansa and Arya. But very the next morning, Jon meets with Arya, Sansa and Brand ask to swear Sansa and Arya to never to tell the secret to anyone. But soon after Jon asks Brand to share his story and Sansa almost immediately breaks her promise and shares Jon’s secret to Tyrion.

Varies breakly speaks about how Jon’s story is not a secret

Tyrion shares it with Varies and now the words spread more fasters than ever. Varies breakly speaks about how Jon’s story is not a secret but a piece of vital information that could save what’s remaining after the battle of Winterfell. Both Tyrion and Varys believe that Jon should be the one to become the rightful ruler but Daenerys seems to be on the opposite side.

Even though Daenerys has freed many slaves and saved many people from deaths but she has some darkness and Brutalness which is quite similar to the father Aerys Targaryen but however, Jon would never fight for the iron throne but instead he’ll fight beside his love Daenerys to get what she deserves.

If Daenerys becomes the ruler of the seven kingdoms, then prophecy which was told once told to young cerise by a witch in woods would become true that a young queen would take over her kingdom. Even though both Cersei and Daenerys grew up for lust of power of becoming the queen of the iron throne which changes their characters based on what they had gone through to reach where they are now.

So much for the breaker of the chains

Continuing with the Episode, We see Daenerys travelling to Dragonstone with her iron fleet but her fleet was ambushed by Euron’s fleet. The ambush attack results in, Daenerys fleet getting destroyed, Missandei getting captured and Daenerys losing her dragon Rhaegal by a scorpion. Qyburn who is the hand of the Queen has re-engineered the scorpion weapon and now we can see the weapon guarding the gates of king’s landing. We have already seen how deadly is a scorpion in the previous season and now with one dragon left with Daenerys, it would be even more hard to fight in a war against Cersei.

An oppotunity to surrender

Coming towards, the end of the episode, we can Daenerys, with small her small troops coming up with a deal to prevent the war, a deal that Cersei really care about but results in Missandei getting executed by the hands of the mountain. As far as we know Cersei is backed by the biggest army and she will not simply back down in the war without the fight. So here was the breakdown of Episode 4 of Game of Thrones Season 8 and if you’ve missed the previous episode you can read here!

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