Korean Dramas Taking Initiative to Break Age-Old Stereotypes

Korean Dramas 2020 Taking Initiative to Break Age-Old Stereotypes

Korean cinema has been marginalized and considered inferior for a long time in comparison to West cinema. People let their biases come in their way, and it keeps them away from getting engaged in refreshing and realistic content that Korean cinema offers. There is a sexist ideology prevalent among people that only girls watch Korean dramas because girls love watching romantic stuff and dramas. Still, to be very honest, the reason behind men not accepting the Korean cinema is that their male actors do not fit in their so-called masculine structure.Korean Dramas 2020 Taking Initiative to Break Age-Old Stereotypes

Even though it’s true that almost all Korean dramas have a little bit of romance, but they give more relevance to the content that western and even Indian cinema has never thought of creating. And Korean cinema also has a collection of some breathtaking thriller and horror content.

Some Korean dramas that took a step forward in terms of providing mind captivating content

The recipe for an engaging drama is a realistic portrayal with a bit of fantasy. And in this category, Korean drama fits with their perfect timing to evoke the right emotions in viewers. Media indeed plays an essential role in molding our attitude and way of viewing reality, and we have been so accustomed to watching dramas with their perfect characters living their perfect lives that we start questioning our selves. Korean Dramas 2020 Taking Initiative to Break Age-Old Stereotypes

It’s high time that we turn our attention to some dramas to which we can relate and can find the same mundane their as happening in our lives to comfort ourselves. 

The following dramas challenged the stereotypical lense which has blurred our vision

Romance Is a Bonus Book

This show revolves around the life of a single mother, Kang Dan- who is struggling to find a job because she had to give up her successful career to take care of her child and husband. This show deals with patriarchal ideologies prevalent in society and challenges working mother have to face when they try to build a career again after a break.

Another aspect which this show challenges that a woman in her 40s cannot find love and especially cannot have a partner younger than her. It made viewers ponder upon the question – Is there a specific age for women to do everything when there is no such age limit for men?

It’s Okay, That’s Love

It's Okay, That's Love

Society has always seen people dealing with psychological disorders through their judging lens, and instead of being empathetic, they constrain themselves to be sympathetic towards such people. This show deals with some critical issues-

Childhood trauma as both the main protagonists had childhood trauma which continues to affect their current livesPatients and family members are going in a denial mode after getting to know about the psychological problem.

Importance of consulting a psychologist as the story had various incidents of female protagonists who is a psychologist dealing with patients of different mental disorders and the emotional roller coaster they go through.

One Spring Night

one spring nightThe sad reality of our society is that always burden is placed on women to maintain a good relationship with a partner by comprising and also saving their parents respect. The ex-boyfriend of the female protagonist, Lee Jeong- in find it’s hard to accept the fact that she broke up with him for a guy who is not as good as his standard, the thing which bothered his ego the most is that she chose someone who is in societal terms less than him as he is a single father and not financially stable.

The show also showcases how the elder sister of the female protagonist finds it hard to come out and share about her abusive husband because their father will not accept it, and when she finally talked about it, her father called it a personal matter of husband and wife. 

Be Melodramatic

Be Melodramatic
Be Melodramatic

A realistic portrayal of three women dealing with their life issues with not so ease but still surviving. It shows the importance of female friendship and female solidarity.The humor content of this show comes from the relatable life crisis which every character goes through.

This show also has a gay couple, and it beautifully deals with the problems they face because of acceptance by society, but in the end, culture is something you should not give much importance to as culture is just there to add drama in life.

Fiery Priest

The title of the show itself is controversial because it goes against the general character sketch made by the society of priests. This show is a satire on people in a powerful position who perform all kinds of illegal activities and enjoy the money of citizens under the umbrella of being government representatives. And there is no unrealistic heroic portrayal of a priest who saves the entire society. 

Because This Is My First LifeBecause This Is My First Life

This shows questions the traditional understanding of marriage, and the patriarchal family structures as the female protagonist, Jung so-min and Lee min kin decided to do a contractual marries on their conditions and terms rather confining to their family demands.

All these above-mentioned shows have a unique and thought to provoke content, which forces viewers to reflect on their restricted thinking. Apart from these, there are many other dramas dealing with various aspects of society and of an individual life. It’s high time that due impressive should be given to Korean cinema.


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