11 Sunday Habits To Prepare You For A New Week


We all know about Chandler Bing from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. He once said, “It’s Sunday. I don’t move on Sundays.” We all feel the same, don’t we? Sundays for most of us are exclusively for Netflix, no make-up, and naps!

For me, the coffee that tastes medicinal on weekdays tastes recreational on Sundays. Sundays are happiness personified and should come with a pause button. But they don’t. Anxiety starts to kick in when we realize that Sunday is coming to an end, and a crazy week is hungrily waiting for us.

All we want to do is to punch Monday in the face. It does not have one, though! Here’s a fact. A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. Rather than sulking over weekdays, cultivating these 11 Sunday habits will help you to have a great week and a great Sunday. Read on to know about the 11 amazing Sunday habits you need to have from now on.

11 Sunday Habits For A Great Week.


Write down everything you need to get done during the upcoming week. By doing so, you will be able to plan each day effectively, and deadlines will not make you feel like you have to die.

Take out a notepad, grab a pen, or download an excellent note-taking app and fill in all that you want to accomplish during the week. That way, you will be well-prepared for everything that will come your way during the new week.


By gathering all your supplies at the beginning of each week, you will not have to take out extra time for grocery shopping during the week. You will not have to spend those extra bucks too.

Make sure that you have enough groceries at home before the week starts. That way, you will end up having quality time for yourself during weekdays.


Larger stones go first into the bucket, then come in the smaller ones. Prioritizing will help you to finish the essential tasks first. When you prioritize and work accordingly, you will have plenty of time for all those little tasks, and you will also have some handful of time for yourself.

From now onwards, start prioritizing and make a list of all the large stones that need to go into the bucket as soon as possible.


Take out some time on a Sunday afternoon and organize everything. Arrange your bag. Dispose of unnecessary papers, documents, and things. Check whether all your pens are in working condition or not, and throw away the ones that are lying as waste in your bag.

Get all your project files and assignment papers lined up orderly. Run some Vacuum all over the house. Remove everything that stinks in the fridge and clean your kitchen. Such decluttering and cleaning will help you to start your week on a clean slate.

PREPARE YOUR MEALS.Fruits and vegetables

Rather than relying entirely on processed and packed foods throughout the week, take out some time on a Sunday for some meal prep. You can prepare some salads with vegetables and fruits, or you can make some snacks with dry fruits so that you will be able to grab and go throughout the week.


This habit is a must. By doing laundry before a new week, you can plan out your outfits in advance. Make sure that your formal clothes, as well as your casual clothes, are washed and ironed.

That way, you will save some time, instead of staring at your wardrobe forever and wondering, “What should I wear today?”


An overflowing inbox is a pain in the neck. So, delete all those unnecessary messages and e-mails. Only keep those which you might need for a future reference. And, trust me, there will be at least a couple of e-mail lists that you can unsubscribe.

Instead of keeping your fingers lazy, tell them to press the delete button for all the unnecessary mailing lists waiting in your inbox.


You read that, right! Exercise. Weekdays leave you with only a little amount of time for you to exercise. Physical activity is vital to stay mentally and physically active. It will also help reduce the effect of those nasty stress hormones.

Next Sunday, grab your shoes, get out and sweat out a bit! Not only will you burn some calories but also end up feeling better and great!


Sunday is the best time to review your finances. We don’t bother to take a look at our finances because, most of the time, we are in a hurry.

Take hold of your Sunday time and assess your spending and other financial activities. Also, make a note of how much money you may have to spend in the coming week.


A decent night of sleep is essential for you before tackling Monday! Otherwise, you will find Monday punching you in the face. Don’t start your week with heavy eyes and a bad headache. Instead of looking like a sleepyhead, go to bed early, get enough sleep, and wake up fresh!


Have a hot shower, scrub yourself, go for a drive, watch returns of your favorite television show, talk to your old friends or scroll up and down your favorite music playlist. Otherwise, get hold of that book which has been waiting for you on the shelf forever.

Play your favorite video game. Or watch a movie while munching on your favorite dish. It’s your day off. So, do anything that you’ll enjoy and will make you feel calming and happy.

Sunday is a great day to refuel yourself. Get yourself ready to handle whatever the coming week throws at you. While it is true that time flows weirdly on Sundays, utilize every moment of that day. Unlike Chandler Bing, MOVE ON SUNDAYS! Invest in these 11 fantastic Sunday habits and start feeling SUNDAY-LICIOUS.


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