Book Review: A Passionate Gospel of True Love

A romantic interlude in India the novel is an esoteric narration. The romance is a captivating affair between Moh Lal Rai and Gaurang albeit both are married to other souls. The reason for coming together is a quest for true love. Moh is unhappy within marriage with a person she considers incompatible and not made for her. She is in search of true love which she believes is destined to happen.

In a fashion show in Las Vegas, she hears a premonition that she will meet her true love in India. This is an announcement by Maa Durga a Goddess Moh has firm belief in. This is one among many heavenly voices that Moh has heard before an all have come true with the blessings of Maa Durga.

True to the announcement she comes across Gaurang when he visited Chennai, India. She instantly recognizes him as her true love and bonhomie sets it. The relationship although continuous is not without hiccups. Born in a traditional family Moh has strings attached as she has a daughter and is financially dependant upon her husband.

But Moh is convinced that Gaurang is her split half and the union though not consummated is destined. She is a believer is past life and is convinced of her union with Gaurang that was in place in her earlier birth.

Unlike an infatuated union of lovers in the book both are downright practical. Though deeply attached to each other, their personal sensibilities and idiosyncrasies are intervened now and then and there is a break up albeit temporarily. The book A Passionate Gospel of True Love is not a straightforward account of a love affair between two consenting adults there is an intervention of those they are associated with and their beliefs and traditions continue to hound them with mixed feelings that are sometimes discouraging.

Nevertheless, Indian sensibilities are never outright, the associations, beliefs and traditional upbringing always hinders and also propels. The narration by author Poonam Uppal is amazingly complex yet gripping once you start reading. For overseas readers, the story is bizarre yet intriguing. Read the romance storybook based in India discover the complexities of adult relationships.

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