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21 Famous Bollywood One Liners and Dialogues of All Time

Movies come and go but the dialogues remain with us. From starting conversations to pick up lines, to general statements, the famous...

How Do I Recover Files From An Empty Recycle Bin On Windows 10

Sometimes it happens you accidentally delete files from Recycle Bin. you can recover files immediately after you delete or put them in Recycling Bin....

5 Reason Why Pubg is Competitive than Fortnite

Player's unknown Battle Ground also known as Pubg has taken over the gaming community ever since it was released in May 2017.  The game...

How to Control Your PC using Android or iPhone

A specific time is indispensable in every techie nerd’s life and work when it becomes inevitable for a file transfer from their...
white ceramic mug with tea on wooden surface beside green leaf plants and petaled flowers

7 Best Herbal Tea Brands in India: Varieties, Nutritional Value and Health Benefits

Herbal tea is an infusion or blends of various leaves fruits roots and flowers. In ancient times herbal tea was called "Tisane" which is...
Stock images

8 Photography Websites with Copyright Free Stock Images in 2019

If there is something that we always need while writing for the web, Is a lovely image to accompany our articles. It is one...
Yoga vs meditation

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are not so trending these days, but both of them have been there since centuries, with Hatha yoga practices dating back...