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Top 7 Gaming Keyboards Under 2000 Rupees in India

We all have, in some way or the other, fallen prey to the hotly-debated topic of the internet and technology being boons...
Top 7 Immersive Headsets for Sought-after Gaming Sessions

Top 7 Immersive Headsets for Long Gaming Sessions

With a host of innovations, a lot of people are making careers using the online medium, such as writers, musicians, and gamers....

Augmented Reality: The new trend of the gaming industry

AR or Augmented reality is a combination of visual and audio content in a game. It offers a real-time experience to the...
Couple Portrait with Quotes

Best Bridal Mehndi Designs for Hands & Feet

So wedding preps begin? Do wide arrays of mehndi designs keeping you in perplex? Picking the best one has become a challenge for you? No...

How to Boost Self-Esteem 11 Powerful Ways

Self- esteem is a sense of satisfaction that comes from recognizing and appreciating our worth, loving ourselves, and growing personally. It is not a...

The future trends in mobile games: ‘hyper-casual’ is leading

Confused about the name? As the name suggests, Hyper-Casual Games are extremely lightweight games. These games use easy mechanics that offer you instantaneous...

Why playing video games is a good thing? Pros of video gaming!

Video gaming is oftener than not a despised form of entertainment for a child. Caring parents do not want their children to remain hooked...

PS5 Games announced! Hottest Launch titles on Sony Confirmed.

If Japan’s Sony is nuclear bombing with a heavyweight 8K gaming technology, Microsoft is retaliating with a hydrogen bomb. As the war continues to...

Should You Avail Rbi Moratorium Benefit?

While the deadly pandemic COVID 19 has bruised the Indian economy, the Government of India is trying its level best to contain the spread...

Top 10 tourist spots from Kashmir to Kanyakumari

India is a land of multiple marvels when it comes to heritage, culture, architecture, cuisines, and anything else that follows this trajectory. Boasting a...