Google Maps Best Features – Live Location & One Hand Zoom

With new routes and streets emerging each day, getting around the city is getting more and more tricky. The routes we knew by heart are now filled with ‘diversions’ and alternative routes thus making it hard for even those living in the city for years to get lost. In times like these comes Google Maps to the rescue. Never before was ‘in 300m take a left’ so musical to the ears. But many of us still find it a bit hard to understand the usage of the guidance app. So today, here we are giving you the 5 best tips for using Google Maps feature like a pro.

1. Create Offline Maps

The internet connection in India is known to ditch you when you need it the most. So, the best way to tackle that is by creating offline maps of the routes in advance. All you have to do is type ‘OK Maps’ in the search field for the map you need to save.

2. Faster Navigation Mode

To avoid having to click multiple times to launch the navigation mode, you can simply click on the blue transportation icon showing bus, train, walking etc., when you feed in your location.

3. One hand zoom

Several times we find it necessary to stop and zoom in on the map to see where exactly we are. However, many times it is impossible to use both hands and thus Google Maps allows you to use the zoom feature with just one hand by double tapping with a finger and then hold and swipe as per need.

4. Find things nearby

One of the updates on the Google Maps allows users to search for nearby things like restaurants, ATMs, clubs and a lot more. So, if you’re traveling to a new city and are clueless about your next move, there’s Google Maps to the rescue.

5. Share location with a friend

Meeting up with friends at a new location can get tricky if you don’t know the route. Google Maps allows you to share the location with your friends allowing them to track the location and follow the route accurately.

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