13 Useful Apps That Every Entrepreneur Must Have

The modern entrepreneur has great sources of information, connectivity and resources at hand thanks to the internet. This level of access has helped to generate a new renaissance of entrepreneurship by the hand of young or experienced people who manage to obtain the tools they need to create ideas, execute plans and refine their strategies. However, not all of these tools are known. With millions of applications available in the market, how to know which existing platforms on Apple and Android are available for men and women who have their own business?

Applications may not seem significant enough to have a big impact on daily tasks, but when you find that application that only resolves the weak points you did not even know you had, can increase your efficiency and productivity. In this note, we give you some of the best productivity applications that are essential for entrepreneurs and business owners.

So here we bought 7 apps for entrepreneurs. We are sure that these apps will help you a lot in your hectic schedule and It will help you a lot with time management

1. Pocket


Pocket is a bookmark application, which makes it easy for users to store articles and videos to improve their conversion. In addition one of the great advantages of this application for entrepreneurs is that you do not need to connect to the network to return to look at the files already marked. The best of all is that Pocket will synchronize across all your devices, providing users in a simpler way to resume reading your corporate content.

2. Evernote

Evernote is on the list for a simple reason, besides being your little notebook to write your thoughts: its free version is available for Web, iOS and Android. Stay organized on all your devices. Synchronize files, save web pages, capture photos, create task lists and record voice reminders. What else do you need? Apart from all this, you can also search your tasks on the fly.

3. Any.do: To do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner

Any.do To do list

Any.Do can be considered as a to-do list application designed to help you plan your day. It helps you plan your life, both in the business and personal, by introducing the tasks in its interface. I know that there are many times that you do not have time to know what time you have to do or close matters. This application for entrepreneurs will facilitate the organization of your tasks to focus them in a more productive way.

4. Mobile Day

Few entrepreneurs work exclusively from a fixed office. You go to work from home, coffee shops, customer offices and faraway places. MobileDay helps you not lose important meetings, even if you are far from your office. Organize your plans, notify you that a meeting is about to begin and allow you to call the meeting. If you are going to be late, the app helps you send the attendees a note.

5.  Audible

Have you ever wondered where entrepreneurs get their ideas from? Surely, they are not born with them! Any established entrepreneur you meet is probably well read. Suggestion: take the opportunity to read books and acquire knowledge to animate your mind. To help you do that on the road, try Audible. It allows you to listen to books without having to really concentrate on reading while you are travelling or just doing homework.

6. Datascope


With DataScope, companies can create forms of work, application forms, inspection, reports and receipts in digital format that can be validated with the signature of the person who fills in the data. One can use the application from iOS or Android. If you manage a company and want to supervise a job, for example, you can send a form for your workers to send signed reports and photographs of the evolution of the same.

Datascope keeps an online record of all documents. It allows generating automatic reports that indicate, in real time, the evolution of a project or the performance of a group of workers.

7. Uber


If you are not taking advantage of Uber for your business, you should start doing it now. Essentially a 2 peer taxi service, Uber helps you move around the city. If you are a startup and you have little money, Uber X offers transportation at a lower cost.

It also offers a “Black” service with vehicles to get to business meetings and make a very good impression. You can even take advantage of it to bring clients to your office. It’s like limousine service, but much cheaper. There are other services such as Easy Taxi and Cabify that can also solve transportation problems.

8. Google Task

Google task

If you are an entrepreneur, then it is must for you to set your daily tasks and to complete them. So for this purpose, you could use google tasks. We have selected this app because of its clean interface, and it is easy to use. You can add your daily task here and once it is completed click on it and it will go on the completed task list.

Trust me once you will complete your all task then you will get the best sleep because your mind will be satisfied that you have completed your all works. So from now start setting up your daily tasks using google tasks and complete them and see the results. This app genuinely deserves the first ranking on 7 best apps for entrepreneurs list.

9. Alarmy


Do you want to wake up on time? So this app is for you. You might be setting alarms, but due to your laziness you always turn it off and then go back to bed again, but this app will not allow you to go back on the bed. You might be wondering how? You can set tasks in this app like mathematical calculation from easy to hard. So if you have to turn off the noisy alarm then you have to solve those problems then it will turn off. While doing this calculation with the conscious mind and with that loud sound, your sleep will surely go away.

So this app is going to be very useful if you aren’t able to wake up in the morning or your desired time because being an entrepreneur you must have a routine and to follow the time of wake up this app will help you.

10. Headspace


Do you want peace of mind? Because being an entrepreneur you have to follow your tight schedule, and you might become exhausted. So you should do meditation daily but doing meditation might be complicated for you. So with a guided meditation of headspace, meditation will become very easy for you.

Just plug earphone or headphone in your ear, Sit for 10minutes and follow the mind-blowing voice of Andy Puddicombe (Founder of Headspace and He is a former Buddhist monk). Isn’t that easy? So from now start doing meditation daily for 10 mins with headspace. It will help you a lot.

11. Offtime


Do you get distracted by mobile? Do you waste your precious time in mobile? If yes then this app is for you. With the help of this app, you can restrict apps, calls, and messages. This app will kill all the app which waste your time but wait. What if you have to use your essential apps? For this, you can select the app which you need to use during this period, but you can only use those chosen apps.

Even you can choose whether you want to disable call and messages. Can I turn off restriction in an urgent situation? Yes you can do it by long press and it will stop the restriction within a minute but if you are the one who will use this feature in a wrong way to end the restriction because of some mobile addiction then you can increase hurdles by going on edit profile and then basics after that You can disable manual off means you can’t stop offtime from restricting your apps, calls and message in an urgent situation or You can do long press and wait for 15minutes means after a long press you have to wait for 15minutes.

You can also track your mobile usage with the help of this app. I think is the app is going to be the best apps for entrepreneurs because It will save your time from mobile.

12. Google Keep

google keep

Have you noticed that many entrepreneurs always keep notebook and pen with them because there is no specific time when they get an innovative idea and to write it down they must carry something like notebook and pen but what happens when you get a creative idea, but you have no notebook and pen to write it down? In this case, there is an app called Google to keep in which you can write that idea.

We have selected this app for note because this is very simple to use. You can take different types of note like with normal text, a voice note, handwritten notes, a list note, and a picture with a camera. You can pin your important notes so that it will display on top. You can set a reminder for your notes. You can export your notes to google drive. This is among very useful apps for entrepreneurs who forget their notebook and pen.

13. LastPass Password Manager

Password manager

If you do a lot of work on the internet, then you must have a lot of accounts on different site, and you must have faced the issue of managing password of all accounts. You can create the same password for them, but it is not safe at all because if someone hacks your one account then there is a chance that others would be hacked too but imagine if you create different passwords for all of the platforms then you will be in a mess, and there are chances that you would forget your password.

So here we bought an app called LastPass password manager for you which will manage details of your account. Once you will login on any site it will save the details and when you will try to login again then it will fill those detail and the best part is that your user id and password will be sync on every device like your pc, mac, ios and android. You can add 2-factor authentication too. So this app is best if you want to manage your account details and don’t want to be in a mess.

Hope these seven apps for entrepreneurs will help you a lot and it will take your productivity to the next level. Try these apps once, and we are sure that these apps will make your hectic life easy. Being an entrepreneur is not a difficult task if you will do smart work and using these apps you can do smart work.

Blog written by: Komal Jha & Priyanshu Sinha

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