5 Ultimate DSLR Maintenance Tips and Tricks

When you’re interested in photography and want to take an amazing photo, the first thing you do is buy a new or second-hand camera. Although in the classes they teach you how to handle it, they do not always give you the advice to take care of it and does not want to take care of that expensive camera.

Camera parts

Let’s find out a Few ways to take care of your beloved Camera

1. Prevent it from being hit

Prevent camera from being hit

The first advice is to be careful with falls because they are objects that need a lot of care and can easily break down. It is also important when you are on the go with the camera. So it is recommended to have a simple case and keep it in a normal camera bag. If you are going out a lot to outdoor activities or extreme sports, it is better to buy a case, bag or backpack prepared for photography, so that your camera is the protected from impacts and elements. Do not use what many do to use a common backpack and the camera wrapped in plastic, eventually, you will start to find stripes on the display due to bad carrying habit.

2. Be careful with lens changes

Different lenses

One of the advantages of a DSLR camera is that its lens can be changed. This can give your photos a lot of details and proper subject, but you should be careful with lens changes. The lens is exposed to dust and dirt from the environment in which you are but what is more dangerous is that it reaches the sensor, which will create some disturbance in the photos you take. The best way to avoid it is to try to change the lenses as little as possible. It is also recommended that if you must change the lens, you should do it in an environment with little wind and that there is not much sand or dirt.

3. Buy filters for your lensesfilters for your lenses

When buying a new lens, the best way to take care of it is also to get a filter. This serves as protection against any element that may hit, damage or stain the lens. Protects not only the lens and the display but also your body. It also uses UV filters to protect the lens, especially if you go to the beach because they offer great protection against sand and salt.

4. Clean the equipment after using itClean the equipment after using it

After going on a session where the camera was exposed to sand or dirt, it is recommended to clean with a special brush to remove everything that could be stuck to the camera. Next, a q-tip (earbuds) should be used to finish the cleaning. This is important to prevent particles from entering the camera system and damaging it. Clean the lens with lens cleaner and a regular microfiber cloth.

5. Always think about Maintenance

Depending on the type of work, you should think about the maintenance. If you put yourself to taking pictures every day and outdoors, the indicated thing will be that each year you send it with a technician to give you a maintenance check.

Think of maintenance

  • Always use the camera strap, many a time the strap is hooked somewhere and can take the camera out of our hands.
  • Do not leave the camera in the sun, especially in summer.
  • Put the lens cap on whenever you are not using it to protect the lens from the ground.


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