Weekly Tech RoundUp! #5 (18 June To 23 June)

Hellooooo readers! I know I’m late. And I don’t have any excuse for that. I’m sorry. But better late than never. This Weekly Tech RoundUp! #5 includes an all-new cover story which from now on will be on all Weekly Tech RoundUps.

Weekly Tech RoundUp! #5

India to Build an IMEI Database for Lost or Stolen Smartphones!

stolen or lost phones
  • As reported in The Indian Express,  the Department of Telecom (DoT) is readying a one-of-its-kind ‘Central Equipment Identity Register’ (CEIR).
  • For those who don’t know what IMEI number is, it is a unique 15-digit number which is used to identify each and every phone. (To find the IMEI no. of your phone, open the dial pad and press *#06#  works only on Android)
  • The idea for the IMEI database was proposed back in 2012 and it got approval in 2017.
  • The Telecom Ministry tested the database in Mumbai and its success there has now prompted for it to be made accessible nationwide.

”The primary objective of the CEIR is to help reduce mobile theft in India by a significant margin.”

  • Wondering how the database will work? Here’s it. A person who has lost his phone will have to first of all lodge a report with the police. After that, you can call a dedicated helpline and inform the DoT (Department of Telecom) about the loss/theft. The DoT will then blacklist the smartphone making it useless as it won’t be able to access cellular networks in the country.
  • Along with that, the database will be divided into three parts – white, grey and black. Smartphone labelled as white are those that aren’t lost or stolen. While the smartphone labelled as grey and black, will the ones that are lost or stolen respectively. 

Xiaomi India to celebrate their 5th anniversary!


In a tweet, on 21st of this month, Xiaomi India’s MD Manu Kumar Jain announced that Xiaomi India is about to turn 5. He added that the first phone they launched was the Mi 3 in July 2019. With the first sale on 22nd July.

Manu also announced that they’ll be celebrating this anniversary with 5 weeks of celebrations.  Where every week they’ll be they will have new surprises, offers and product launches. Some product launches that will take place in these 5 weeks are of the Redmi K20 Pro (confirmed), Mi Band 4 (expected), and Mi Trimmer (as it has been teased in a few tweets from @XiaomiIndia).

Facebook’s All-new Cryptocurrency Libra

Facebook's Libra
Facebook’s Libra

Facebook is planning to launch its own cryptocurrency named Libra. It hopes that the currency will “transform the global economy.” Currently being developed by Facebook, but it seems that they will share control with a bunch of organisations including venture capital firms, credit card companies, and other tech giants. 

Built on the top of its blockchain-based network, Libra will most probably be integrated in Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp with a separate app too.  With this Facebook will also launch a subsidiary company named Calibra which will develop products and services around Libra.

Super Mario Battle Royale is Out!

Super Mario Battle Royale
Super Mario Battle Royale

You can see the trend of Battle Royale games everywhere (even Tetris has an online mode). So, why is Super Mario behind? Well, no more. The Battle Royale version of the free browser game is out. Although it is not an official game from Nintendo, a company named InfernoPlus has developed the game.

The game pits 75 players against each other in a quick jaunt through classic stages fromSuper Mario Bros.andThe Lost Levels. You can play the game right here now live. But it seems that Nintendo will soon remove the game for making unauthorised mutation of its intellectual property.

Have a look at the Warmth Adjustable Display of the new Kindle Oasis!

Kindle Oasis with adjustable warmth
Kindle Oasis with adjustable warmth

This new 10th Gen Kindle Oasis features the largest ever display on a Kindle. The device has 7” 300 PPI using the latest e-ink technology and a sleek ergonomic design with page turn buttons, perfect for one-handed reading. For better reading experience in any lighting condition, the device is also equipped with adjustable arm light.

The Kindle Oasis is IPX8 rated for protection against immersion in water up to two meters of fresh water for up to 60 minutes. Most importantly, the price of the device is 21,000 INR and it will come on 19th next month. Details can be found on the device’s page in Amazon

Mi Band 4 International Launch is Disappointing!

mi band 4

After releasing the Mi Band 4 in China, Xiaomi has launched it in the international markets. The device will be coming to India most probably in the upcoming 5 weeks. The most apparent upgrade in the Mi Band 4 from its previous band is the display.

The new band has a 0.85” colour AMOLED display without the physical button. The band has an upgraded 130 mAh battery. The thing that’s disappointing is that it won’t come with any AI assistant onboard. although it is worth noting that the band’s Chinese variant has Xiao AI which is Xiaomi’s AI assistant.

The Wizarding World Needs You!

Harry Potter's AR Game Wizards Unite
Harry Potter’s AR Game Wizards Unite

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then you must have got it that I’m talking about the new AR game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Niantic (the Pokemon company) and WB Games are developers behind this game. The game can be pre-registered in the App Store, Play Store and Samsung Galaxy Store. You can check out the trailer below. At the time of writing this article, the Play Store sent me a notification telling that the game is available to install. So, keep an eye at the mobisium.com site or subscribe to my mailing list. to get the very first hands-on of the app.

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Better Displays Coming to Macs and Ipads!

iPhones with OLED display
Samsung OLED on upcoming Macs and iPads

Upcoming Apple MacBooks and iPads will reportedly have better OLED displays. The reason behind so is not because Apple wants to make its displays better but because of a deal with Samsung of OLED displays.

The deal could not happen as Apple failed to buy enough screens for iPhones. And now for compensation, or you can say to satisfy the penalty, it’s making the deal. Anyways, We’re going to get better displays on Macs and iPads and that’s what matters.

Vivo’s 120w Flash Charge Can Charge a 4000 Mah Battery in 13 Mins!

Vivo to showcase its new 120W charger in MWC 2019 Shanghai alongside 5G phone
Vivo to showcase its new 120W charger in MWC 2019 Shanghai alongside 5G phone

In the MWC 2019 Shanghai, Vivo will showcase its insanely fast 120W Flash Charger. The charger was previously announced by Vivo on Weibo revealing that it can charge a 4000 mAh battery fully in 13 mins and charge it till 50% in 5 mins. Xiaomi has also teased its fast charging tech on Weibo.

Microsoft’s All-new Windows Terminal is Now Available to Download for Windows 10!

Windows Terminal
Windows Terminal

Microsoft first showed off its new command line app, named Windows Terminal earlier this year in the company’s annual event Build 2019. In the new Windows Terminal app, you can access the traditional cmd line, PowerShell, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Developers have been using the Windows Terminal from the code available on GitHub. Microsoft has now released an easy installer through the Windows Store.

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