6 Best Places in India to Beat the Heat this Summer

Summer is now at its peak in India and the temperature is rising at a speed. Summers in India comes during the time of April and remains at a full swing till June. Thanks to the geographical location of India the climate isn’t the same in every part of the country. We have exotic forests, mountain ranges, beaches and what not.

The climate keeps changing every few kilometres, For example, Delhi, Rajasthan faces the most extreme of Summers whereas places like Mumbai and South India are mostly humid. And due to the same reason, not all parts of the country are as hot as you think, in some parts of the country you can find high mountains and snow even during the peak of Summers.

So if you want to get away from the hectic life and take a break from this ‘Chubhti Jalti Garmi’ here are some of the Best places in India to beat the heat this Summers.

1. Ladakh


Summers are the best season to visit Ladakh, hence placing it on the top of the list of amusing places to visit this summer. It is one of the places every biker wants to visit at least once, So if you own a bike now you know where to go.

The mountains covered with snow, the blue sky, mesmerizing lakes are just scenic beauty and adds to the atmosphere of peace and panorama of Ladakh. One should definitely visit the beautiful Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh such as Thiksey Monastery which will help you introspect a little bit. Lastly, don’t forget to visit  Pangong Tso lake which is known as the emerald beauty.

2. Manali


It is said that the best time to visit Manali starts in March. One can find beautiful green mountain ranges among snow-covered hilltops. The greenery and the fresh air of Manali isn’t something that can be found in most places, which is why it is one of the best places in India to visit during summers.

It is comprised of lush green surroundings, amazing flora and fauna. Visitors of Manali can enjoy adventure sports like paragliding and quad biking. Rohtang pass offers its visitors to play in the snow and one can also visit nearby Kullu which is another beauty in itself.

3. Auli


Auli is about a 280 km drive from Dehradun which attracts tourists throughout the year. It is one of the coolest place in India and a very popular destination for skiing in winters as well as summers. The green valleys of Auli and mountain ranges covered with snow make it a beauty to watch. Its pleasant weather is another reason why tourists opt for Auli at all times of the year. It offers its visitors to go on trekking adventures like Kuari pass and Gorson pass.

4. Shimla


Shimla is a well heard and known tourist spot in northern India and is famous as a potential traveling destination during summers. The visitors can enjoy the Indian magnificent beauties blended with British elegance. Shimla is enriched with history and is a place for the most amazing natural scenery. Within a short drive from Shimla is Jhaku Hill, which is famous for its Lord Hanuman Temple.

Viceregal Lodge is a famous landmark of British rule in India. Mall road in Shimla attracts the tourists the most. Shimla is a go-to place if you’re looking out for best places to visit for beating the heat this Summers.

5. Mount Abu


Mount Abu is situated in Rajasthan and is the only mountain range in the vicinity. Mount Abu has its visitors in a lot of hustle bustle due to heavy rush in the place It also has a bunch of Jain temples which are nice if you’re looking for some peace and quiet.

The tourists can also enjoy boating at Nakki Lake which is a refreshing experience, a sunset point is a place to witness the most beautiful sunsets and to enjoy the magnificent flora and fauna one can visit the wildlife sanctuary. In a summarised way we can say that Mount Abu is bliss and is pretty cheap amongst other places in comparison too.

6. Nainital


If you’re looking for a quiet getaway then paying a visit to Nainital will not disappoint you. It’s a place surrounded by lush green hills and pleasant weather. It is one of the most accessible places to visit where tourists never face issues with accommodations. If you live near Delhi or Chandigarh you can sneak up for a visit during weekends too. It offers a bunch of things to its tourists like Tiffin top being one of them, where one can witness beautiful sunsets and sunrise.

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