Haunted Places in Kolkata: A Glimpse into India’s Colonial Haydays and Modern Marvels


The feeling of being ‘haunted’, scary as it may be, has now almost become a source of the business world over. Nowadays, in the era of entrepreneurial energy, everything could be turned into a business idea, but to turn it into a successful one, is a whole different ball-game. The question remains, why would people “enjoy” being haunted after all? Places like Scare USA and Fear Town Haunted House give people just the right amount of chill in their bones. In this article, we will find out about most haunted places in Kolkata.

haunted places in Kolkata
haunted places in Kolkata

There’s perhaps a psychological explanation to the attraction humans face for haunted place and experiences- whether it is the thrill of the unknown, closure on a personal bereavement, or a strange pleasure out of the eerie discomfort.

“We’re all of us haunted and haunting.”

-Chuck Palahniuk, Lullaby 

People across the world are quite prepared to shell out some heavy money to experience these taboo thrills when paying to visit haunted houses or curated paranormal tours. However, if we look closer home, there is an array of ‘haunted’ locations lying right here in the city of Kolkata, India, waiting for an explorer to give it its due recognition. Whether or not one might choose to believe the tales of the paranormal associated with them, these locations surely provide a testament to the erstwhile glorious Colonial architecture and the ravages of time, as well as modern architecture that is rooted in loneliness despite enduring the footfall of hundreds every day.

Most Haunted Places In Kolkata

The Royal Calcutta Turf Club

The Royal Calcutta Turf Club

A complete race freak, George Williams lived in the region around what is the Royal Calcutta Turf Club. Interestingly, George won practically all his matches, and his golden egg was Pride- a snow-white horse who was the star of the show whenever she ran. One day, Pride was found lying dead on the tracks- after faltering and losing the Derby.

The Royal Calcutta Turf Club, also known as the Race Course, on moonlit Saturday nights, reportedly witnesses the phantom figure of a white horse racing through the tracks. The sharp contrast of the dark sky and the white flowy horse, with the moon casting an ephemeral glow- the vision is perhaps as eerie and fascinating as one might imagine. This occurrence is so common that the staff there casually refer to “Sir Willams’ white horse”, in passing. Unfortunately, whether it is an elaborate prank that has passed on through generations, or something truly paranormal goes down the tracks- there is no way for an outsider to know for sure.

Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station

Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station

Right amid all the hustle-bustle of the busy South Calcutta streets of Tollygunge, lies the Rabindra Sarovar metro station, around which revolves many a tale of the paranormal. Despite being one of the most crowded stations, the air is heavy with a tinge of unexpected silence, and occasional gusts of strong winds incite goosebumps.

Perhaps the stories about the Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station being haunted started doing the rounds when the suicide rates across the city’s intricate underground railway system began to be analysed. Rabindra Sarovar recorded the highest rate of suicides committed and attempted. Soon reports started surfacing of disembodied shadows, by the dozen. Once the crowd subsides and the station is somewhat deserted, late-night commuters and the Metro personnel reported seeing shadows, apparently belonging to those who killed themselves here. Who knows what the reason may be for so many people attempting to take their own life at this station- perhaps the feeling of being lost and anonymous in a crowd of hundreds? Whatever it may be, The Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station is deemed to be one of the most haunted places in the city.

Wipro Office


The swanky and modern Wipro Office in the locality of Salt Lake seems like a symbol of the new, practical, and workaholic generation. One would seldom expect tales of the paranormal associated with such a structure. However, one would be in for a surprise once they dig deep enough into its past.

The Salt Lake area, before urban development set in, was a wetland region. The plots on which the Wipro Office was built, specifically, contained a graveyard. Naturally, the place began to be associated with a chilly and eerie atmosphere owing to it being built on top of a graveyard. However, housing some of the most tech-savvy and rooted-in-reality professionals from across the city, hearsay would never be taken as fact. Evidence- noises of heavy objects falling and other unrecognised sounds have been heard by the staff while taking the elevator or stairs to the upper floors, reports by guards on duty at night reporting strange sounds and seeing dark apparitions- soon flooded in. In light of the public hysteria and proof of being “haunted” Wipro was forced to shut off the entry to the third floor of tower three of this building.

National Library of India

National ;library of a India

National Library of India, the largest library in the country, is nestled in the old colonial capital of India- Calcutta. A treasure trove full of any book in circulation within the nation, and beyond, the National Library attracts people from all over- scholars, bibliophiles, tourists… and horror enthusiasts. A strange combination? The ghost stories surrounding this magnificent colonial structure,  are as old as the Library itself and Thrilling. The phantom of lady Metcalf still roams the corridors of her erstwhile residence. Lady Metcalf was reputed to have had a very volatile temper, and the lore amongst students over the generations is that it still flares up if she sees displaced books. There have been repeated instances when people have reported feeling like they are being watched.

The tragic incident during renovation effects that caused the death of 12 workers.within the heritage monument remains unsolved. Consequently, this portion of the building was officially shut down by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Calcutta, or Kolkata as it is known now, is peppered with old, dilapidated structures and modern architecture, all co-existing together. It is a melting hodgepodge of various cultures. The city almost transcends time, to bring together elements of the past and present, and with it a sense of loneliness- whether it is in a gust of wind or whiff of perfume in an old colonial structure, or the air-conditioned and glass-walled modern offices. These strains of nostalgia and drive for modernisation, make for the perfect scenario for the brewing of exciting tales of horror and the paranormal. These four instances are just a few such places that can deliver upon your need for a horror fix.


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