Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Quick Recap!


Season 8, Episode 5, “The Bells.” This is one of the episodes we have been waiting for seeing the fight between two queens who are crazy about the iron throne. Let’s see who wins? Naah we know dragon queen will for obvious reasons.

The episode started on with a bang with our very well known gossiper having the taste of his medicine well Lord Varys was very eager to overthrow Dany but how can you defeat the mother of dragons. Poor Varys just turned into ashes, the death of Varys was just a start to a very sad day in the realm.

Varys warning to Tyrion was laid unaffected
Varys warning to Tyrion was laid unaffected

However, Tyrion made every single effort to stop this war and save his palace and people such a sweetheart this little dwarf is but brains didn’t work here queens dragon and anger surpasses everything. No love no mercy only war was the solution, Dany gave a really hard time to Cersei.

And our very beloved Hero of the season Arya and the hound headed towards kings landing to kill Cersei. But she was left struggling in the streets of Kings landing saving her life from the mess Dany had made.

Arya after the struggling in the streets have to come to pass
Arya after the struggling in the streets have to come to pass

It keeps us wondering, Why on the earth does this little girl has to do all the killings first the white walker and now bitch Cersei. Claps for the girl’s talent poor Arya. this episode 5 was all about dragon queen, she didn’t let Arya win the show this time, she wanted to be more of a bitch than Cersei is on her own kingdom. She spared none, she burnt the whole city down even after they ranged the mercy bell.

Poor Jon couldn't do anything to Mad Queen's rage
Poor Jon couldn’t do anything to Mad Queen’s rage

A long-awaited moment for Dragon queen we understand your anger. But poor Jon was shocked seeing the love of her life being so cruel and being the good man he is he wanted it all to stop but there was no stopping the dragon queen. Indeed Cersei failed this time but the love of her life didn’t fail their love Jamie again came back to save Cersei but it was too late at the end the brother-sister love story buried in their own castle.

Brother-sister love story comes to an end under castle rocks
The brother-sister love story comes to an end under castle rocks

So with one episode left of this amazing series of Game of Thrones, the obvious part here is with these bunch of people killing each other, being busy winning the wars, Sansa would lead and win the iron throne. No doubt the stark sisters are really worth it all.


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