Top 10 Inspirational Movies Based on Entrepreneurs That You Must Watch

Entrepreneurs are just like regular people. What makes their life extraordinary is their optimistic vision for the future and never give up attitude. Entrepreneurs learn from their mistakes and see them as a reward. As there are lots of articles as well as books published on entrepreneurs which share their ideology to the common folks. But not everyone is an avid book reader, I pulled together some of the greatest inspirational movies that you can watch at comfort at your home. These movies are based on real-life stories but the characters are fictional. These movies based on Entrepreneurs will inspire you to set high standards in life and also will motivate to work smartly towards your life goal.

1. The  Founder (2016)

The Founder is a biography of Ray Kroc the founder of McDonald. The movie highlights the struggles of building a company and shows how a 52 years old salesman build a fast food empire all over the world. this movie shows that age doesn’t matter for becoming successful. you can become Entrepreneur at any age. I loved this movie as it motivates us to never give up on our dreams and achieve it even with the odds.

In the movie, Ray Kroc is the mixer salesman who goes door to door to make the sale and he still not have given up on his dreams of becoming a successful business owner. Then one day he gets an order from McDonald’s restaurant which was running by two brothers. after meeting the Mcdonald brother Ray’s life changes completely.

2. Steve Jobs(2015)

Steve Jobs is a biopic of the Founder and CEO of Apple company. It is the most inspiring movie of all time. This movie reveals more about Steve Jobs and highlights how he built one of the most successful company in the world Apple. The movie also covers how managing a company can be difficult and what are the odds you will face in the company.

In the movie. Steve Jobs get an idea to build a personal computer and create a better future. They start the Apple company in a garage with his friend Steve Wozniak. They built their first PC and then started facing other problems due to Steve jobs rude attitude toward the employes. It is very interesting to see the ups and downs.

3. Pirates of the Silicon Valley(1999)

Pirates of the silicon valley is an American biographical drama movie based on the rivalry between two major companies Apple and Windows. this movie is one of my favorite movie which shows how the two big companies of the world have started and also highlights the cold war between the two Tech tech giants Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

In the movie. Steve jobs and bill gates are trying to build the company. Steve founded Apple, on the other hand, Bill wanted to be a great businessman. In the movie, we come to know about the one of the biggest tech rivalry and how they steal the idea from other company. It’s very mesmerizing to watch them build their dream companies and how they come across.

4. Boiler Room (2000)

Boiler Room is an American crime based film in which a college dropout boy named Seth who starts to run a casino and make his living but doing this his father who is a judge by profession feels disappointed with him. One day a rich man comes to play in Seth’s casino and offers him a join in his firm.

The firm work is to sell stocks to the investors. seth agrees to take the job as he taught doing this will make his father not ashamed of him. But later became a broker in the company he discovers the dirty truth of the firm and decided to shut down the firm. This movie is very motivational and has a good plot which highlights the dark side of a firm.

5. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (2009)

This movie is an American comedy based film. The plot revolves around the target of selling 211 cars within a week. The main character is a car dealer who was going in the loss and hires a mercenary don ready to sell all the 211 cars within a weekend and the don tell him that he will make the dealership into a profit.

The major character Ben deals with many ups and downs in the movie which make it interesting to watch the movie to get inspire and that you can get out of any situation.

6. Erin Brockovich (2000)

Erin Brockovich is an inspiring movie on an entrepreneur who has the attitude of never back down. The main character in this movie is a single mother of three children who are currently unemployed and struggles to fight against the world.

The movie is based on real-life story of Erin Brockovich. It is very inspiring to watch how she fight when the whole world is against her.

7. Moneyball (2011)

Moneyball is based on Michael Lewis’s book Moneyball. It is a sports drama movie which shows that everything can be achieved through hard work. The general manager of Oakland Billy Beane gets upset by the loss of his team against the New York team.

He then starts to assemble a competitive team for the next match. the movie shows that success doesn’t come from only one way and can inspire you to move forward in business.

8. Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Shawshank Redemption is a drama film. In the movie, Andy Dufresne is convicted of the murder of his wife and her lover.  The plot is revolved around the hope of getting out from the prison. This movie shows us that hope is very powerful and with a little hope you can be alive and will never lose the faith in completing your desire. The movie is full of inspiration for those who don’t have hope to do anything.

9. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

We all know how much our father do for the family and the unconditional love of a father is underrated. The Pursuit of Happyness will show you how a father struggle in the world to give his family a better life. After watching this movie you will have great respect towards the father’s love. In the movie, Chris Gardner played by Will Smith who is a salesman.

He is failing in the sales career due to this his family is suffering and he is unable to provide a living to his family. He struggles very hard to sell the product and starts to become a stockbroker. The never give up attitude will motivate you to work hard in life.

10. The  Social Network (2010)

Today we all are using Facebook and also know that Mark is one the youngest billionaire. The social network is a biographical film of how the Facebook was created and how mark deals with the lawsuit from his college friend who was one of the core members in founding the website. Mark Zuckerberg a young teenager who studies in Harvard.

One night he creates an online voting page name face mash in which one side has a girl pic and the other has some animal. The page went viral all over the campus and seeing this planted the idea of creating a social network website name Facebook.

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