How Screen Cast is Different from Screen Mirroring

Screencasting is popular these days. it allows the user to play content from one device to another, like playing a movie from a phone or a table onto a TV. It allows the user to watch shows, movies, and other content on the big screen. Screen mirroring is it allows to mirror their screen display. It connects two devices together and one screen is copied to another. It can be tricker sometimes, especially for someone who does not have information. There are so many factors that are at play in the technology, and it needs to learn, like video streaming.

screen casting

Video streaming allows the user to watch what they want when they want. hence it has got really popular as an option against the traditional method. it is very tiresome to watch content on phone or tablet, hence people like to watch content on television or screens. Options are to buy smart tv which is quite expensive and another option is to use chrome cast which supports cast screen and Screen Mirroring.

Both cast screen and screen mirroring have a singular primary purpose of allowing to see content from devices like a phone, a tablet, or a computer, onto another device, usually television or a projector. both cast screen and screen mirror connect two devices together allowing for content to be shared between them. but the way they work is different.

How it works

Screen Mirroring allows the user to mirror the screen display by connecting to devices together and the content of the screen is shared to another screen. it shows everything that goes onto the screen display. It is useful when screencasting is not supported by devices. It is also beneficial to view local content such as personal photos and videos. Most of the applications do not support local content. screen mirroring does not have that issue.

People can use Miracast or chrome cast to cast mirror apps and screens. the primary way to cast or mirror the screen is used Miracast and in many devices, it does not support Miracast. other devices like chromecast and others are there which allows to cast or mirror their screen. Screencasting is popular it allows users to play content from one device to another, for example playing a movie from a phone or a table onto TV. this allows users to watch shows on big screens.

Comparison between Screencasting and screen mirroring

Cast Screen Screen Mirroring
It Allows only one to play content from one device onto the other Mirror the device’s screen, so that the same thing is visible on another screen
The two screens show different things The two screens show the same thing
It allows only content to be played Everything on the screen is visible
The primary device, i.e. phone screen can be used to do something else, i.e. multitask No multitasking is there, it duplicates the screen
primary device’s screen can be blacked out If the screen of the primary device is blacked out, the secondary screen also blacks out
Not all apps support casting of screen Nearly everything can be viewed by screen mirroring
Typically it does not support local content It Supports local content such as personal photos and videos.

Limitations of Screen Mirroring

Limitation of screen mirror is it shows everything that is going on screen to the other. it includes settings, the home etc. if phone or table times out screen goes blank while it is connected to some screen of the television. screen mirroring requires the phone to be constantly open, which also drains the battery of the phone. screencasting does not have this issue. once the content is cast the phone can be used for other work also. it can be used for other things.

Limitations of Screen Casting

Both have their own limitations, while Screencasting is better in the sense that it allows one to multitask. It is also limited since all apps do not support Screencasting. it is not the problem with screen mirroring. If the phone can do it, it will show on tv. Still, its limitation restricts the phone from doing anything else other than screen mirroring.

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