7 Reasons Why Google Photos is Better than iCloud

How many photos do you have on your phone? Hundreds? Thousands? And on your computer? And in the rest of devices? With the idea of putting some order in our digital multimedia life, Google has just presented Google Photos, a Google section where you can categorize, organize and back up your photos and videos in the cloud. And attention: they offer unlimited space, available from today.

With Google Photos, Google wanted to build “a home for all your photos and videos” and, for that, gave us tools that help us to store, organize and share our multimedia content. This “home” is in the cloud, that is, you do not need to have all the images on your phone or computer, although when you access them from any device it will appear that they are local.

How Google Photos Works?

Google Photos allows you to make automatic backup copies of your videos and images, as well as being able to synchronize all of them between your devices. The photographs are arranged chronologically, yes, but the company has developed an automatic organized system that learns how you categorize your photos and then apply the same rules. In this way, Google Photos is able to organize photos by places, by things.

Another detail without too much importance but surely many appreciate is that Google Photos is prepared to work with a large number of images from your phone, that is, expect you to move and select your photos. Instead of going one by one, as is usually the only remedy in these cases, you can select the image in the upper left corner and drag your finger diagonally to the lower right corner. This will select all your photos.

The gallery application of your mobile is very useful and it sure works perfectly, but why not change it for Google Photos? We offer you our reasons for you to jump. Having such a variety of applications implies that for something as basic as the image gallery there is a very large number of options. From independent developers, from each Android mobile manufacturer and, of course, also from Google. The latter has Google Photos, an excellent application that is much more than a gallery. That you still do not use it? Google Photos can perfectly replace the native gallery application on your smartphone. A.

1.All the gallery functions you need

You do not lose the primordial use with the change to Google Photos. In fact, photos are the default gallery on mobile phones with Android stock. So it does not lack experience. Let’s you to categorize your images allowing you the viewing, you can share them with the application you want and have different ways to sort your captures.

 2. Backup your images

It is worth having Google Photos: it is an insurance against the loss of your most precious photos. You just have to accept the backup in the settings and you are done. Photos will be responsible for uploading them to your account when you connect to a WiFi network. Also, you will have unlimited space if you keep the size resized; without losing quality in the images.

3.  Powerful Search Engine

Having hundreds of images in the gallery is more than usual. So, when it’s time to look for a specific one, you can take a long time to find it. Well, Google Photos includes a search engine with artificial intelligence that allows you to locate the images related to the search. Did you take pictures of a dog and you cannot find them? Put “dog” in the search box, it will take “zero points”.

4. Includes a Personal Assistant

Google was not going to miss the opportunity to place an assistant to your gallery application. So we also have it in photos. Although, yes, it is not as Assistant, but is dedicated to offering different content related to your images. For example, it edits them to turn them into works of art, it reminds you of special moments for you, it creates albums with locations or escapades. Everything without you having to do anything.

5. Works as Photo Editor

Google Photos is not only a gallery, as we said before, it is also an image editor. Simply open any with the application and press on the bottom, on the settings icon. You can cut out the photo, improve its conditions, apply filters … Very practical.

6. Create Shared Albums

Google Photos is great for sharing your vacation photos, a getaway, a birthday … with your family or friends. Simply create an album, title it and add the images you want the rest to see. Share that album and voila: anyone can see the photos without fear of being erased since you will keep control over them.

7. Google Photos free space from your mobile

Photographs and videos are the elements that most occupy in the mobile after applications. That you do not know what to erase? Google Photos will show you screenshots and images that he thinks are unnecessary for you to clean frequently. In addition, and as long as you have supported the photographs, you can free space with the button on the side, which says “Free space”.

How To Setup Google Photos on Android

Open Google photos

It has pinwheel icon labeled “Photos” on your home screen or you can find it in the applications drawer.

  1. Tap at the left corner of the screen.

  1. Tap on settings.

  1. Tap on Back up & sync.

Switch the “Back up & sync” by sliding and then the google accounts will appear.

  1. Click on the account in which you want the photos to be added.

  1. Tap the Back up device folders.

The camera folder will get added by default.

  1. Select the upload size of your photos.

Where you will get two options to select:

High Quality – To upload photos with high resolution.

Original – To retain the file’s original resolution.

Select any of them.

This application offers you unlimited storage, take advantage of it. Not everyone knows the use that can be given to Google Photos. Apart from being an excellent gallery of images and allowing the editing of them, Google Photos offers unlimited storage of personal photographs. Or what is the same: you can save all the photos you make and never lose the copies. The magic of the cloud, even if there is small print: that limited storage minimally restricts quality.

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