How TikTok App has Taken the World by Storm

TikTok is is a social media app for creating and sharing videos and live broadcasting for 15 seconds. TikTok is also known as Douyin in China. Alex Zhu co-founder of merged with TikTok on August 2018. This app is owned by bytedance media company which allows users short videos for 15 seconds. The name TikTok means the sound of a clock. This app is compatible with both Android and IOS mobile. The company Bytedance combined two apps into one single application called TikTok. It also runs buzz video and Vigo video. This app has more than 200 million active users. The app has numerous viral trends and celebrities around the world due to its immense popularity and social influence.

TikTok Userbase is Gigantic and Growing

The number of active users in India is 15 million whereas in the US it’s 20 million in which 70% are women. With TikTok, life’s more fun when you live in the moment and explore the world. This app makes you easy to discover and make awesome videos by capturing funny and memorable moments to the world. TikTok is available in 150 markets and in 75 languages. It is the worlds most downloaded app in 2018. Currently, TikTok has reached more than 500million active users worldwide and 150 million in China alone. The TikTok mobile app allows users to create short videos and feature music in the background with a wide range of genre from hip-hop to country and many more.

Top Features of TikTok

Tik Tok offers you most relevant interesting fun and head-turning videos that you will never stop seeing. Millions of creators are on TikTok showing their talents and knowledge. You can easily edit your videos with millions of free music and you can also add your favorite music too. There are 100+ emojis and stickers for free which can take your videos to next level.

Tik Tok Features

There are so many editing tools like trim cut merge and duplicate videos. There are endless video categories like dance, food, comedy, DIY, etc to discover new videos. You can add special effects filters, fun stickers, music and much more. There are millions of videos you can watch like and share. You can make awesome videos so quickly and easily to discover memorable moments to share with the world.


TikTok is hugely popular in India and is one of the best 5 apps of 2018. The app allows users to keep their account private and allowing only people they approve to view it. They can allow either their friends or only one person they choose to share, comment or like. The duet feature allows users to film a video aside another video. There are a variety of trends in TikTok like lip-synced songs, comedies and fun. Also, Duet features allow users to add their own videos to an existing one.

TikTok is Available on All Platforms

TikTok is available worldwide for both ios and android. TikTok is liked by all age groups but teens love it the most. The special effects added to the video make them more unique. You can also cross-post the content on other platforms to share it with more people.

Children’s TikTok Account Safety

Parents have made concerns as it uses inappropriate languages which affects the children. By default all accounts are public so anyone can see what your child shares. Like Facebook and Instagram, it has digital well-being elements which restrict users from inappropriate content. With the private account, we can approve or deny users to followers only. So how you can keep your Tiktok’s account safe:

  1. Talk to them about cyberbullying
  2. Keep their account Private
  3. Make sure they are share aware so they protect themselves
  4. Get familiar with the community guidelines to be informed about what they can or cannot do
  5. Be aware of explicit songs on the app
  6. Turn on digital wellbeing settings
  7. Set the account to restricted mode

TikTok Encourages Users to Become Creators

TikTok enables everyone to be a creator and encourages users to share their creativity and passion through videos. Share precious moments to the world direct from mobile. I would definitely recommend to download this app and explore the world with your knowledge and passion by creating a 15-second video.  This is a great app for the musical social network with added cool features by which you can create videos in minutes. Parents can talk about the terms and social network and how to use it appropriately.

Overall, I really enjoy TikTok! It’s fun to use and its lipsync with inbuilt music and millions of features to customize the video with emojis and stickers add the entertainment the next level.

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