Quick Recap and Breakdown of the Finale Episode of Game of Thrones


Quick Recap !

The long awaiting season has finally come to an end. Fans across the world were quite anxious to know how the season finale is gonna end, focusing more on fate of iron throne and people of westoros from what we’ve have seen in the previous episode. So lets get into the breakdown of the final of episode of Game of thrones and we’ll see the if the ending is matched with the expectations of Tv shows Fans. Before Starting with the video, If you haven’t watch the season finale episode I’d recommend you watch the episode first as there are ton of spoilers coming up

So they say fate serves you really well thats how dany was served the mad queen got the return of killing thousands of innocents of kings landing. What she got in return was death in the hands of his lover. Although, john never wanted to kill dany but poor john couldn’t see the mad queen ruining the life of people of all the seven kingdoms. Here the call for duty surpasses the call for love, but john was not in fault here the mad queen was unapologetic for killing the people, the title of the queen was so overpowering that she forgot the main motive of mercy and a land of no slavery.

She admired the iron throne since she was a little girl but her all her dreams came to an end when john killed her in front of the iron throne. Although dany’s dragons didn’t harm john for killing her but burnt the iron throne for which their mother was killed. But the unsullied did not spare John for killing their queen they took him into the prison where tyrion was already sent for betraying the mad queenwho actually   betrayed his right hand that was tyrion by exploding kings landing even after when the mercy bells were ranged.

The so supposed wisest of all tyrion put the right things in john’s head about taking the iron throne from the mad queen and giving it to somebody who can handle this responsibility well. Well we think tyrion took the revenge of his siblings blood shed. So who was the happiest of all to see the mad queen loose the iron throne of the seven kingdoms yes you guessed it right it was Sansa who never liked Dany but somehow she was right in the thought that dany was not efficient to handle the throne.

Break Down of the Top 6 moments in the Finale of Game of Thrones

#1 The Aftermath

After destroying kings landing and killing half of the innocent peoples, we can see both jon and tyron walking past the ruined city and burned dead bodies. Tyrion seems to be annoyed and disappointed as danny killing thousands and thousands of innocents people who didn’t even took part in cersie’s war. Moreover, it made danny look like a Tyrant same as cersie as both were hungry for power over the seven kingdoms. Further, Tyrion sets a apart and head towards red keep.

Jon finds grey worm and tries to stop them from executing the captured Lannister soldiers but he fails to save the surrendered soldiers as Grey worm states that the orders are directly given by the new Queen. later, we can see Tyrion makes a horrifying discovery as he finds out dead bodies of his sister and brothers buried under the broken walls of red keep. It was truly a heartbreaking scene as he couldn’t save his own family from the rage and madness of the Daenarys.

#2 Danny’s Grand Entrance

Later into the scene, we can see the unsullied celebrating the victory alongside the dothraki army. Danny makes a grand entrance by landing a perfect shot with wings silhouetted by drogon and giving victory speech praising her brave soldiers who fought bravely to take over the city where once her ancestors ruled. Further she talks about her plans on prolonging the war to conquer the rest of the world and freeing every men, women and children. Later into the scene, we can Tyrion standing beside her as she finishes her victory speech. Danny talks about how Tyrion commits treason by setting free his brother to which he replies “I freed by brother, you slaughtered the city” and steps down from position as hand of the queen by throwing his pin. Later, Danny commands his soldiers to arrest Tyrion for committing treason and loses her another advisor at the time of need. We can see the transformation of Queen Danny becoming same version of her father, who would kill anyone,who’s not in his support.

#3 Jon visiting Tyrion

Further into the episode we can see Jon visiting Tyrion to seek his counsel for one last time before danny sentences him to death. They briefly speak about Danny goal and how it’ll lead to destruction on a global level but however, Jon defends at first saying “what happened can’t be undone now but the war is finally over” but after seeing the destruction caused by Danny Jon didn’t had any choice left even though he releases that Tyrion is right and there’s only one way to stop the Danny from becoming Mad Queen.

#4 Danny’s Final Moments

Jon finds danny inside the throne room admiring her efforts and all other things she has to go through to reach and conquer the iron throne. Jon confronts her by asking the why she killed thousands of innocents people to which she replied “I tried to make peace with cersie, she used their innocence against me” Further jon tries to convince danny to forgive Tyrion for his mistakes but all seems to go in vain. Danny tries to share his vision with Jon telling him how they both can make the world a better place and break the wheel together, when it looked like Jon agrees to work beside danny’s, jon takes out dagger and stab her, holding and weeping. In the end, Jon made an impossible choice by killing the woman whom he loved and pledged his eternal loyalty for the greater good for his family and for the world.

#5 Jon Becomes the Queenslayer

Standing all silent in guilt for killing his queen. Drogon reappears and stands face to face against the last targarayen who killed their mother. For a brief moment, everyone thought Drogon in pain of seeing his mother dead would kill the last standing Targaryen but he instead the burns and melts the iron throne which was symbol for ultimate power in westoros. Drogon is heartfelt as he tries to nudge her awake and screams in pain. Danny always referred the dragons as her own kids and seeing this moment was purely heartbreaking. After completely melting the iron throne, Drogon gently lifts Danny and safely flies away with her body.

#6 Bran The Broken

A week after Danny’s death, Tyrion is led out of his cell to face his decision made by the new council men. But before deciding tyrion’s fate, a new monarch has to be made. As the new council debates on who should become the new king of seven kingdoms, Tyrion drops his suggestions by telling them what unites everybody is the power of a story, then identifying the person he says has the “best story” – Bran Stark, who has journeyed beyond the Wall and back to become the all-seeing Three-Eyed Raven.

Everybody seems a bit stunned by this unexpected nomination – except for Bran. Tyrion states that since bran can’t have children, the next leader of westoros would be chosen by people’s vote rather than giving it them by birth right. The council agrees with Tyrion’s suggestion and names bran the broken, first of his name and the ruler of the seven kingdoms. In exchange, bran chooses Tyrion to be his new hand. Moreover, Bran’s ascension to the throne surprised many fans as his story isn’t that bright as compared to other characters. All we’ve seen bran doing this season is sitting around wheel chair and saying weird thigs based on people’s past. At the end, Bran seem to be better choice as king of westeros as he has all his father’s quality and will surely apply for the betterment of people.

#7 Queen of the North

During the council meeting, sansa request Bran the newly appointed king, that the north should remain independent and have its own territory. Since the beginning of season, Sansa has gone through a lot which made her a great leader as well as an intelligent strategist, She has always wanted north to be independent territory and should not fall under anyone’s rule further she even argued with danny to keep winterfell as an independent territory with its own monarch and wardens. Finally, Bran Grants her request and makes north an independent territory. But Thanks to sansa, Citizen of north will remember what lady sansa did to protect the north and its people

As the episode comes to an end so does the story of remaining characters.

#8 Happy ending for Starks

We can, Grey worm, sets off for Naath alone, still in anguish for losing missandei and his queen. Bronn gets what has been promised to him, lordship of high garden and is assigned as master of coins by Brans Administration. The small council comprises of Brienne, Davos, sam and Tyrion. Podrick Payne is assigned as Bran’s new Attendant and has been made the member of kings guard.

Further, Jon is sent back to Night’s watch and reunites with tormound and large group of wildling. Finally, the long waiting scene where every GOT fan was mad about finally happens. Jon reunites with his direwolf ghost and further they headout from castle black alongside with group of wildlings. As the story comes to an end, we can see all the starks scattered to various corners of westeros and beyond. Sansa is finally assigned the queen of winterfell. Arya boards ship and heads towards to the unkown lands west of westeros to learn what lies beyond the part of the world where the map ends. Jon accompanied by tormound, ghost and bunch of widlings head towards farth north.

Throught out the show, audience has been told that “Winter is coming” but since nightking is no more, we can say that the “winter is finally come to an end” and it seems that the new age has finally begun in the westeros. I think the story comes to a proper end with everyone’s stories being properly told and journey completed. So this was the breakdown of final season of Game of thrones.


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